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Gu Yanxi: Technical and business factors that determine the liquidity of US real estate tokens

Real estate assets are characterized by large assets and poor liquidity. This has always been the problem. But in economic activities supported by a centralized computing system.

The central bank's digital currency is gradually approaching: the ultimate place for future financial competition

"At present, the digital renminbi has achieved initial results and is undergoing internal closed testing." This important information disclosed by Fan Yifei, the deputy governor of the central bank.

What is the upcoming beacon chain in Ethereum 2.0?

Yesterday, ConsenSys researcher Ben Edgington posted that the Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain is expected to launch on Saturday.Ethereum 2.0 intends to solve the consensus and scalability issues of Ethereum.

Qi Fu, partner of SlowMist: NFT is the next direction, but it will take time to implement

DeFi is very popular. This summer, the industry seems to be involved in this ecology, innovation, revolution, and various projects ebb and flow. However, behind the bustle, there is an undercurrent.On April 18, 2020.

Golden Observation丨Can you really tell the authenticity of a "decentralized" project?

Golden Finance Blockchain, October 2nd Just last week, a "hacking incident" occurred in the DeFi industry. In this incident, hackers stole as much as $150 million in customer funds.

Golden Observation丨Uniswap may mislead the community in terms of team token ownership

Golden Finance Blockchain, September 25th According to the latest article released by the market analysis company Glassnode.

NFT is a thing, it is more for use than speculation

NFT corresponds to objects or property rights expressed by cryptographic methods. We can say that each object is unique, but among them.

When will the space race rewards be cashed out? Filecoin official second round AMA Q&A

At 9:00 am on September 24 Beijing time, Filecoin officially held the second round of the space race AMA question and answer activity.

Golden Observation | Deep correction of many currencies Where do "emerging" and "classical" go?

With the popularity of concepts such as DeFi, the encryption market has shown an overall upward trend, and Bitcoin even hit a new high for the year in August. For a while.

The daily trading volume of Uniswap reaches 458 million US dollars, and the money printing machine of AMPL is about to start

As a compliance company, NXM must overcome the conflicts and contradictions between KYC and the definition of the encrypted world.

5 recommended readings in the evening | Selection of high-quality DeFi projects and a complete collection of mining tutorials

Golden Haowen Collection | Selection of High-quality DeFi Projects Mining Tutorial CollectionDeFi liquidity mining has become very popular.

Gu Yanxi: The slow development of digital finance in the United States is creating conditions for Switzerland

The current development of digital finance in the United States can be said to lag behind some other leading countries in the world.For example, in terms of digital assets.

Eth2 validator jumpstarter released What surprises we don't know?

After several months of hard work by the Eth2 research team with Consensys and DeepWork Studio, we are excited to release the Eth2 Validator Jumpstarter (beta).We released it now.

Video | Today, my mother has entered the market to speculate in coins

Written in the front: I am not afraid that my mother understands transactions, but I am afraid that my mother will speculate in coins Hello everyone.

The bull market may have quietly started So how far is it from the peak this time? How long will it last?

If a newcomer joins the encryption field, which sentence should he read a hundred times? I think the following sentence is very likely to be selected:"The market is always born in despair, grows in doubt.

Gu Yanxi: Three reasons why Switzerland is a leader in global digital finance

Gu Yanxi: Founder and Dean of CBX Research Institute, a practitioner and researcher in the blockchain and encrypted digital asset industryIn my video sharing.

Golden Outpost | Filecoin test network down? Miner: Just because we are preparing for this big event.

The latest official news from Filecoin, the Filecoin mainnet is expected to be launched from August 31st to September 21st. Therefore, the Filecoin testnet has received high attention from all parties.On July 24.

Accenture, HSBC and other eight companies were shortlisted for the French central bank's digital currency pilot program

Eight companies have been shortlisted for a digital currency pilot program planned by the French central bank.

Golden Morning Post|Bitcoin transaction fees soared more than 500% this month

Headline ▌Bitcoin transaction fees soared more than 500% this monthBitcoin transaction fees have surged 525% this month. According to Bitinfocharts.

Cloud computing power Miningzoo suspiciously ran away, fake Ceyuan investment, excused the situation in the Middle East, and all "mines" were returned to 0

Wu said the blockchain exclusively learned that the cloud computing platform miningzoo is suspected of running away. The platform falsified a lot of information.

Golden trend丨This indicator indicates that a substantial change in BTC is coming.

The picture above shows the relationship between the BTC daily line's big change in the past year and the closure of the Bollinger Bands.

8 o'clock in the evening of gold 丨 BTC three consecutive negatives, is the air force going to counterattack?

The first market live broadcast column 8 p.m. Kim Hot news, spot contracts, one-to-one real-time answersGrasp the market outlook anytime, anywhere.

Data review DeFi in June: the rise of lending upstarts USDT market value exceeded 10 billion

If one word were to be used to describe the DeFi market in June, it would be "advancing rapidly".In the past month.

The hydropower consumption of Sichuan mines is expected to be 5 billion kWh for the whole year, and it will double next year

Wu said that the blockchain was informed that Sichuan Power Trading Center Co., Ltd. stated that the current annual electricity transaction in Sichuan in 2020 has been completed. Among them.

This is the last line of defense for Bitcoin bulls this week.

First, review last week's strategy!Long direction given last Monday:Textbook bullish trend!Celcius: The team work has not stopped, this is a difficult moment: According to news on June 16.

TokenBetter public chain TBChain will be launched soon

TokenBetter public chain (TBChain) will be launched soon. TBChain is a point-to-point distributed blockchain operating system independently developed by the TokenBetter R&D team.

On October 15, Mentougou liquidation compensation plan was postponed again.

Key takeaways Market volatility eases amid fears of change in plans for Mt. Gox announced on July 1Mt. Gox Liquidation Compensation Delayed Another 3.

Case: Forcibly transferred 18.Can 88 bitcoins be returned?

Maybe you also have friends who are in the "currency circle"? Are they three points high-end and seven points mysterious? Today we will talk about Bitcoin.

Golden Recommended Reading|2009 Can a Miner Get One Million BTC?

Abstract: We examine how far a single miner can dominate Bitcoin in 2009. We recall the analysis of Sergio Demian Lerner in 2013.

BSN empowers blockchain for SaaS services

With the October 24, 2019 "blockchain as an important breakthrough in core technology self-help innovation", the construction of blockchain has risen to the level of national strategy. In April 2020.

Golden Trend丨The difficulty of BTC has been greatly reduced, brewing a new round of increase?

The BTC network ushered in a difficulty adjustment at a height of 633025. This time the difficulty was adjusted to 13.73T, a decrease of 9.29%. As of now.

Golden Outpost | The Bitcoin address controlled by Satoshi Aoben is related to the Mt.Gox attack.

Monero developer Ricardo Spagni tweeted that Craig Wright just publicly admitted (through his lawyer) that he was the one who stole 80.

Golden Outpost | Golden Laser raised funds for the construction of blockchain R&D center

On June 9th, Jinyun Laser announced that the company plans to issue A shares in a non-public manner. The total amount of funds to be raised in this non-public offering of shares is not more than 740 million yuan. Afte.

Golden Observation丨What does it mean that the number of Ethereum addresses exceeding 100 million?

Jinse Finance Blockchain News, June 11   The breakthrough of the 100 million mark of Ethereum addresses is very noteworthy, because this milestone means that the DeFi industry is rising rapidly.

JPMorgan pays $2.5M to settle crypto credit card lawsuit

Banking giant JPMorgan Chase recently concluded a 2018 lawsuit.

247 listed companies carry out blockchain business: 60% explore applications, the most in the financial field

On May 25, Interchain Pulse Research Institute released China's first research report on listed companies + blockchain: "2019-2020 Blockchain Development Report of Listed Companies".The report sorted out the specific.