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GameFi's new gameplay: social token COIN and the rise of the "E-Den Syndicate" behind it

I believe that you, like me, have never heard of Marguerite deCourcelle, but she is actually well-known in the field of encryption art.

Golden DeFi Daily | ETH fund pool has started to receive Sushi rewards

1. The total market value of DeFi: 12.582 billion US dollars The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, charted by Jinse Finance.

Nervos Q4 roadmap announced: advancing DeFi, infrastructure, ayer 2, developer experience, and research

On September 15th at 10am, Nervos hosted its first Town Hall Meeting for the community. In the meeting, Chief Architect Jan introduced the main plans for this year.

Golden Observation | Uniswap finally issued coins, will it bring about a second wave of DeFi boom?

Looking forward to it, Uniswap finally issued tokens.According to official news.

News Weekly | The digital renminbi has begun to test the "credit card repayment" scenario

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project dynamics.

Cross-chain 6 core interfaces are enough

As the basis of cross-chain interaction, the interface (API) is an important part of the cross-chain platform. At present.

Golden Outpost丨Huobi Launches "New Coin Mining" Lock HT/HPT to Participate in DeFi Liquidity Mining

According to DeBank statistics, as of September 2, the total lock-up volume of DeFi exceeded 12.3 billion U.S. dollars.

Golden DeFi Daily | Uniswap lock-up volume has exceeded 2 billion US dollars

1. The total market value of DeFi: 16.395 billion US dollars The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, Jinse Finance chart.

Golden Map | Learn about the latest DeFi data in one picture: UMA liquidity mining income is as high as 64 times

Jinse Finance and DappBirds exclusively released the latest "DeFi Data" weekly data list.According to DappBirds DeFi special data, DEX trading volume rose by more than 161% last week.

Ethereum congestion continues to increase, who can overtake in a corner?

Since the middle of this year, with the introduction of liquidity mining, Yield Farming and other games.

Eth1.x: New idea of stateless Ethereum "reGenesis"

This week we will update the tech tree to add some new major milestones for Ethereum 1.x development, these milestones are not a complete implementation of stateless Ethereum.

8.15 morning market: BTC relay market pay attention to major events at the macro level.

Last night, Bitcoin once again launched an upward shock. It once broke through $11,800 and reached a maximum of $11,850, and then fell back to fluctuate between 11,700 and 11,800. As we said yesterday afternoon.

Golden Observation丨Speculation leads to market bubbles DeFi needs to continue to optimize if it wants to go further

Golden Finance Blockchain, August 26th The total value of DeFi locked positions has exceeded 8 billion US dollars, the transaction volume of Ethereum is approaching the level of 2018.

Zhu Jiaming: Cognitive ideal elements of digital currency

The emergence of digital currency is a major event in the history of currency, and its significance is likely to far exceed the birth of metal currency and banknotes.

Quick mining of Curve head mine CRV speed version tutorial

In the early hours of this morning, on the premise that the Curve team did not officially announce the start of CRV, leg special users released the following: It means: CRV is officially opened.

Gold trend丨BTC may usher in a rise of more than 1,000 US dollars in the near future

From the trend, it can be seen that BTC started from USD 9,200 in the early stage, rose all the way to USD 12,100 and then fell back.

If Twitter is Powered by Blockchain Technology, Will Hackers Have a Chance of Succeeding?

Last week, the Twitter hacking incident once again demonstrated the vulnerability of centralized infrastructure, and DID (decentralized identity).

Golden Outpost | Polkadot removes the Sudo module and starts the process of decentralization.

The Polkadot network is advancing rapidly. A week ago, Gavin Wood wrote in his own hand, saying that Polkadot has begun to elect the first council. Today.

A brief analysis of the division of civil liability between the seller and the victim of predicate crimes in over-the-counter transactions

In recent years, the over-the-counter transactions of virtual digital currencies have become the hardest hit area for money laundering of illegal crimes such as telecom fraud, pyramid schemes.

Use three principles to screen digital assets that should be traded first

When it comes to the preferred types of digital assets to trade, the choices in the U.S. and Swiss markets are different. In the first two years in the United States.

The college entrance examination is over.This year's top students choose Huobi University to charge in advance

"bell......"At 17:00 on July 10, the last exams for college entrance examinations in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang and other places ended.The college entrance examination is not the end.

Full analysis of Bancor Network vulnerability events

1. Brief description of the incident On June 18, 2020 (the time mentioned in the article is UTC time).

Bank of International Settlements: The new crown epidemic crisis will promote the development of global central bank digital currency

The Bank for International Settlements expects that the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on retail payments will have a positive impact on the development of central bank digital currencies.

How did the former "Ethereum Killer" fare? Inventory of the status quo of the eight domestic public chains

Some people say that the domestic public chain may be the saddest domestic technology concept in history. I don't think so. Standing in the middle of 2020, looking back at the past few years of domestic public chains.

Golden Observation丨Brookings Institution: The United States must accept Libra, and the United States must learn from China

Golden Finance Blockchain News, June 28  The American think tank Brookings Institution (Bookings Institution) is one of the mainstream think tanks in Washington.

Nuggets with trillions of outlets: Tencent, Ali, Baidu, Huawei, and Xiaomi slammed into "new digital infrastructure"

The two sessions first mentioned new infrastructure, and local new infrastructure construction projects accelerated, with a total investment of trillions. Technology giants such as Tencent, Baidu, Huawei, Ali.

Great! A foreign developer made a blockchain police camera for $25

Nowadays, video forgery is gradually rampant, and more and more technological advancements have also left loopholes for people with malicious intentions to exploit. For example.

Beijing's blockchain industry welcomes huge policy opportunities.Xu Mingxing of Okey Cloud Chain Group: Blockchain will release greater application potential

On June 30, the Beijing Municipal People's Government issued the "Beijing Blockchain Innovation and Development Action Plan (2020-2022)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan").The "Plan" clearly states that by 2022.

Golden Outpost | Behind Compound becoming a leader in DeFi: the beginning of community governance

Golden Finance News In the early morning of June 16, after Compound launched the “loan-to-mining” distribution activity of the governance token COMP.

Golden Outpost | Chen Chun: It is necessary to attach great importance to the research of alliance chain supervision technology

Jinse Finance reported that on June 5, the 2020CCF Youth Elite Conference held an online summit. Academician Chen Chun.

Golden Outpost | Guangzhou 780 million yuan to promote blockchain technology and industrial development

Yesterday, the fifth meeting of the 15th Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress opened.

Golden Sentinel | The three major U.S.stock indexes hit the largest one-day drop since 312, and the encryption market fell in tandem

Jinjin Finance News, in the early hours of this morning, the cryptocurrency market fell sharply again. BTC once fell to $9,100.

When the Dragon Slayer Becomes the Dragon: Are Blockchain and Radical Markets the Answer?

I've been thinking a lot lately, from the mainstream culture and big corporations that the hippies opposed in the 60s.

Does Bancor have a chance to overtake Uniswap?

After accumulating strength in 2019, the DeFi field has initially opened up in 2020. Whether it is lending, DEX or derivatives, it has greatly improved in terms of locked assets, loan volume, transaction volume.

BTC is back on the uptrend?

BTC fell below the $55,600 mark with an intraday increase of 1.15%: According to data from Huobi Global, BTC fell short-term and fell below the $55,600 mark. It is now reported at $55,588.24.