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Q3: The best quarter for the DeFi ecosystem

In the DeFi field, the transaction volume of Ethereum accounts for 96%. 2020 is the year of DeFi. With the emergence of liquidity mining.

Golden Observation|ETC's anti-51% attack security solution MESS will be activated tomorrow

Jinse Finance reported that according to official news, the ETC security solution named MESS, which can prevent 51% attacks, proposed by ETCLabs and ETCCore team will be activated at block height 11,295,300.

Golden Sentinel丨Synthetix launches the test network of the second layer expansion solution of Ethereum

What's been the biggest complaint about Ethereum lately? It must be that the gas fee is too expensive. Therefore, it is reasonable for DeFi projects to move towards layer 2 expansion.On September 25, 2020.

Golden Manual|How to mine UNI on UniSwap?

Finally, UniSwap’s currency was launched, but this time it was not obtained directly through mining.

Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Group: The real value of the blockchain lies in linking industries (full speech attached)

On the afternoon of September 25th, the Bund Conference Blockchain Industry Summit opened in Shanghai. Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Group and president of the Intelligent Technology Business Group.

OKEx creates an innovative ecology and leads the breakthrough development of DeFi

According to DappBirds DeFi special data, the multi-dimensional data of the DeFi sector rose sharply last week. The circulation market value of DeFi Token rose by more than 29% in a week.

What is the UMA that is still focused on by Coinbase?

Recently, as YFI has been advancing all the way, its price once touched the $44,000 mark, which is more than $40,000, which is also four times the current price of Bitcoin. Therefore.

9.4 morning market: 94 commemorative market staged pay attention to this point

It continued to fall yesterday until this morning, and once fell below $10,000, a new low since July 28. From the perspective of the disk, this is unexpected. In fact.

Use logic as a tool to easily understand DeFi: DEX articles

No matter how strange and complicated a DeFi protocol or even the entire DeFi world may seem, it is traditional financial logic (such as trading tool logic and lending tool logic).

First release | Sushiswap smart contract security vulnerability event analysis

On August 28th, Beijing time, the CertiK security research team discovered that there were multiple security vulnerabilities in the smart contract of the sushiswap project. Any operation including operations such as t.

Golden Observation丨Can DeFi's "currency Lego" attribute continue to promote innovation?

Jinjin Finance Blockchain, August 27th We know that the traditional financial system has the characteristics of permission, high entry threshold, and additional legal costs.

How does it feel to play on the world's largest contract trading platform?

A few days ago, I watched the market fluctuate very well. I have been holding ETH, HT and several mainstream coins at a low price to rise, and I don’t want to sell, but my hands are a little itchy.

Golden Observation | Can EOS, which unlocks DeFi, take off with it?

DeFi is intensifying, and EOS is also coming to take a share.On August 15th, EOS founder Daniel Larimer (BM) tweeted, I created the first DeFi platform in 2014, and DeFi is a necessary condition to stimulate DPOS.

First release | An article about 2020 hotspots and PoC and other characteristic cloud storage projects

This article was contributed by Future's younger brother (Geng Che), and authorized Jinse Finance to publish it. In my opinion.

Golden Sentinel | Filecoin big miner test postponed again: big miners are used to it, small miners are in a down mood

Without any suspense, the Filecoin big miner test has been postponed again.On August 11.

The golden trend丨Knowing the history and learning from the present The BTC trend is far from peaking

The picture above shows the relationship between the current historical price trend of BTC from 2010 to 2020 and the fluctuation curve of the number of mobile wallets that have been held for more than one year.

The projects that are constantly skyrocketing are all taken by others.Can DeFi cars still be used?

Recently, DeFi and related sectors are in full swing, while other projects, including most of the mainstream.

The New York State Department of Financial Services released the cryptocurrency green list, and the top 10 currencies were on the list

The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) released a green list on Aug. 3 that includes 10 cryptocurrencies for custody and eight for trading.

Yao Qian: Blockchain can make public data more credible

At 2:00 pm on August 6, the first episode of the "Looking for Blockchain Power" series of interviews jointly planned by AntChain, Luohantang, and Sina Finance was officially launched. Yao Qian.

Emerging Exchanges Breakthrough: BitMax Innovative Auction Game

Recently, Bitcoin has stabilized at $11,000, while Ethereum has become a rigid demand due to the AMM DEX transaction of the Uniswap model on Defi, and during the transition period of ETH2.0.

Forbes: These 16 technology trends will soon change the consumer market

Major technological changes are quietly happening across many industries, and while these developments may not be in the public eye, they will be coming online soon, and when they do.

Golden Observation | BTC bull market is hotly searched, can the price continue to break through?

On the morning of July 28, the bitcoin market rose sharply and continued to break through $11,000. Subsequently.

DeFi is gaining momentum.What is Melon, which launched early last year, doing?

In February 2019, Melon Protocol went live on the mainnet.

5 must-reads in the evening | Who will be the next DeFi killer app?

1. Who will be the next DeFi killer app?The success of Ethereum has attracted more and more developers to build products on it.

7.12 noon market: It is safer to follow after the funds enter the market

Bitcoin encountered resistance near US$9470 and fell back to US$9126. This retracement is not large.

5 must-read articles in the evening | The market value of altcoins soars in 2020, and the resources on the Ethereum chain are tight

1. The resources on the Ethereum chain are tight. The bull market has not yet reached the "big congestion" and is already on the way?Ethereum, the number one public chain in the blockchain world.

6.23 morning market: ETH2.0 drives the market, BTC accumulates power and hits 10,000

The broader market stopped falling at US$9250-9300 yesterday.

Can Thorchain become a cross-chain Uniswap?

One of the purposes of Bitcoin's existence is the permissionless de-intermediation of value transfer, because Bitcoin has its own ledger, protected by cryptography and PoW game mechanism.

An article to understand the overall framework of CBDC (central bank digital currency)

The proposal of blockchain technology is of great significance to reduce the cost of social credit and improve the social credit environment. At present.

Golden Observation | Bitcoin fell below $8,900 in the short-term Analyst: The rise after halving is still expected.

BTC fell short-term in the early hours of this morning, falling below the $8,900 mark, hitting a new low in more than a week, causing tens of millions of dollars worth of bulls to close their positions.

Kava, the first DeFi platform that supports BNB mortgage lending, is the first step in the cross-chain DeFi ecosystem

On June 10, 2020, CDP, the Kava DeFi lending platform, was officially launched, and announced a partnership with Binance, a domestic first-tier exchange.

Video|How to mine the ever-rising loan mining token COMP

Compound officially started lending mining, the capital scale exceeded 200 million U.S. dollars.

Golden Observation | With this solution, non-custodial centralized exchanges become possible

"If you don't have the private key, the coins don't belong to you" (not your keys, not your coins).This is the original vision of blockchain. But in the face of the transaction attributes of blockchain assets.

Golden Outpost | Trusted Provisioning Phase 2 Announcement for Filecoin

Yesterday, Filecoin issued a trusted configuration announcement. The announcement stated that the Filecoin team has been preparing for the next stage of trusted configuration as the mainnet is approaching. Unlike the.

Golden Interview | Dialogue with Chen Haiteng, CEO of Huobi Japan: Talking about HT becoming the 26th compliant currency in Japan

On June 16, the official website of Huobi Japan Co., Ltd. announced that HT was officially listed on Huobi Japan. HT became the first mainstream platform currency to land in the Japanese market for the first time.