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Xie Dan: How to achieve Pareto optimality in the mathematical game theory of mining machines

Cryptocurrency mining is an emerging industry. Its short industrial chain and technology-based characteristics make mining machine pricing a very wonderful game: if the price is high.

Golden Observation丨God V speaks the truth? Ethereum expansion will take a long time

Golden Finance Blockchain News, October 3 Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, said that the scalability of the base layer of Ethereum still has a long way to go.

Will Polkadot DeFi shake up Ethereum DeFi?

With the launch of Polkadot, people gradually began to have more interest and attention in the dispute between Polkadot and Ethereum, especially more and more projects on Polkadot.

9.23 Evening Quotes: BTC closing stars does not affect the effect of making money

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

Golden Observation丨Find the crux of complex transactions that shackle Bitcoin? The answer could be: hardware

Golden Finance Blockchain, September 14th Jameson Lopp, co-founder and chief technology officer of cryptocurrency custody company Casa.

5 must-reads in the evening | DeFi is in full swing How does CEX keep the market?

Read what is HiSwap in one article (with HISWAP mining tutorial)Incentive fission DEX + platform currency + liquidity mining.

Project Weekly|Tether issued an additional 10 million USDT on the EOS network

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project trends.

8.31 evening market: BTC as a reference currency participating in independent trends

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

Web Wallet and Desktop Wallet Vulnerability Exploitation and Analysis

With the rapid development of blockchain technology.

Beijing Digital Currency Research Center was established in Beijing

On August 26, the Beijing Digital Currency Research Center was established in Beijing. In order to comply with the global technological innovation trend characterized by digitization, networking, and intelligence.

Golden Observation丨Santiment researchers: small and medium-sized DeFi coins may be exaggerated

Jinjin Finance Blockchain August 24th In the past week, DeFi coins like Golem, 0x, Augur, and OMG all rose between 40-120%, but at the same time Ethereum plummeted. Judging from this market performance.

An overview of the top five stablecoins in Ethereum DeFi

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency created to reduce the volatility of the price of a token, which can be pegged to a currency or exchange-traded commodity.

8.18 Evening Quotes: Once again perfectly predicting where BTC will stand next.

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

Is YAM's road to restart going smoothly?

At 6:00 pm UTC on August 12, the YAM team discovered a bug in its rebase contract. This error would cause more YAM to be generated than reserved (the amount of YAM sold to the YAM/yCRV pool on Uniswap).

Link continues to set new historical highs, behind which is the competition in the futures market

Chainlink (LINK) price continues to set new records as it continues to soar and reach $13.8799. As of press time, according to QKL123 data, Link is currently ranked 6th in the market value of cryptocurrencies.

The country's first market supervision blockchain electronic forensics platform was launched in Zhejiang

The country's first market supervision blockchain electronic evidence collection platform - Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Bureau's "City Supervision and Insurance" City Supervision Block Alliance Chain Solid.

The warm wind of policy is blowing, is the spring of domestic public chains coming?

If the blockchain is a high-speed car, then the public chain is the engine: the level of the public chain directly affects the running speed of the blockchain car. There is no shortage of talents and capital in the pu.

Golden Observation|All members of PlusToken were arrested and the sword of "Damocles" on BTC's head was lifted.

According to China News Network, in accordance with the unified command and deployment of the Ministry of Public Security.

Golden trend丨BTC broke through 10,000 again, the last low-sucking stage before the big bull starts?

BTC has now completed the third halving of production. The picture above shows the long-term monthly trend of BTC from 2010 to 2020. Through research, it can be found that before each halving.

Golden Outpost | MakerDAO will add 4 light data sources to the oracle

Golden Finance News, on July 9, the official blog of MakerDAO stated that in order to improve the security of the protocol in the process of making MakerDAO fully decentralized.

Understand CurveDAO and CRV governance tokens in five minutes

Curve, a leading liquidity provider, just released the first version of their governance token framework - CRV.

Golden Outpost丨The service is more stable Fidelity escrows BTC for Kingdom Trust

Golden Finance Blockchain, July 14 News   Encrypted custodian Kingdom Trust has appointed Fidelity Digital Assets (SM), a subsidiary of Fidelity Digital Assets (SM).

The dozens of times the return of DeFi token issuance is just a reflection after the phantom mStable bid failed

This weekend, BTC and ETH are still in a boring low volatility state, and many people are starting to get tired, but the shocking dramas staged in the DeFi field can indeed make people secrete a lot of dopamine.

Golden Outpost | New Mining Instructions Iran requires miners to indicate their identity and mine size

Iranian Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri announced Monday that cryptocurrency miners in the country must register their mining platforms with the government.Under the directive.

7.18 Morning market: The market fluctuates and rebounds to temporarily eliminate further downside risks

Last night, the market as a whole had a small rebound of dozens of points, and the shock range has also moved up a stage.

Bitmain's latest news: Ketuan Zhan builds a new website and changes it to a payment company

What happened to Bitmain yesterday? After a pause, something new appeared.On the evening of July 6, the Bitmain official account and Weibo controlled by Zhan Ketuan posted a post saying that the collection account.

After analyzing the public chain data in the first half of the year, we found these

The number of active-ethexc Bitcoin addresses in June was 25.4085 million.

It only takes 5.82 years for all HT to be destroyed.The strongest deflationary currency is like "Moutai in the currency circle" - the longer it is, the more valuable it is

According to the data on the number of years required for currency destruction on the BitUniverse Exchange platform.

Zhu Jiaming: Welcoming the New Era of Technology Industrialization and Industrial Technology

At 9 a.m. on July 5th, under the guidance of the Yuhang District Government of Hangzhou City and hosted by Babbitt, the "2020 Hangzhou Blockchain International Week" officially opened. Industry leaders.

Case study: What should I do if I find that an employee is mining Bitcoin in the company?

Ma joined Xin X Company on March 7, 2002, and the two parties signed a labor contract with an effective date from March 7, 2011 to March 6.

First release | The key support is broken as scheduled, and it will be recovered or fall into the curse of shock again

BTC Quarterly Contract The nature of each level: daily line - consolidation, 4 hours - consolidation (more pattern).

Golden Observation | Suzhou explores the "blockchain + notarization" whole-process recording mode

Recently, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province tried out the "blockchain + notarization" mode of recording the entire process of administrative law enforcement.

Golden Observation | What kind of market sentiment does the decline in BTC balances on exchanges reflect?

Since Black Thursday in March, the amount of Bitcoin held on exchanges has been falling while Ethereum holdings have risen.In March, the amount of Bitcoin held by exchanges decreased by 3%.