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Golden Outpost | Privacy project NuCypher launched on the mainnet, locked more than 350,000 ETH

On October 15th, the privacy infrastructure project NuCypher announced on Twitter that the mainnet was launched on time as planned. In the picture above, Nucypher’s WorkLock contract locks more than 350,000 ETH.

10.11 Evening market: long time, rapid rise, evolution and shock rise

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

Grayscale buys Bitcoin again, is the bull market stable?

Grayscale Trust has become a force that cannot be ignored in the encrypted asset market.On September 21, BTC fell from a peak of $10,988 to $10,417. Two days later, Grayscale made a "sweep" and bought 17.

Will the benefits of "wintering" in advance bring the DeFi ecosystem into a death spiral?

Content Overview 1. The price drop of DeFi governance tokens seems to indicate that the market bubble is bursting;2. Since September.

9.23 morning market: The market has temporarily stopped the bleeding, and the hot spots of this week are still unknown

Yesterday evening, Bitcoin had a relatively weak rebound. The market fluctuated around 10,400 US dollars and rose to 10,500 US dollars. Near the track, if the market is not strong enough to stand above 10.

9.18 noon market: small goals after capital entry

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

The PowerTrade platform token PTF dedicated to option gameplay will be listed on BitMax for the first time

Since the digital currency started to form a trading market, it means that it has begun to have financial attributes, but the earliest digital currency trading market is still immature.

Golden Sentinel | Following CCB, ICBC announced the progress of digital currency work.

On August 31, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) officially announced the issuance of a digital credit card: Unbounded Platinum Digital Card.

Golden Outpost | SWIFT: Fiat currency is the main means of money laundering, cryptocurrency money laundering is seriously exaggerated

In popular media discourse, money laundering certainly has a place in one of the most evocative associations that come with the mention of cryptocurrencies.But this is not true. The latest report from the Society for.

MIT is helping the Boston Fed develop a CBDC

Runaway Commentary: According to reports, the MIT Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) is helping the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston develop a digital currency that aims to be a high-throughput.

What is Yam Finance?

There are a few decentralized finance projects that offer flash loans. Yam Finance (YAM) is a DeFi project that is just a flash in the pan. Originally described as a "minimum viable currency experiment.

"Sweet potato" unsalable Yam re-opened the experimental field

After experiencing an extremely fast roller coaster, the DeFi protocol Yam Finance (hereinafter referred to as Yam), which is popular in the currency circle with the image of "sweet potato".

Moore Exchange The world's first diversified ecological trading platform is shocked

At present, the digital currency derivatives market is on the rise. According to TokenInsight data, the transaction volume of derivatives for the whole year of 2019 is 3 trillion US dollars.

Under the big tree of Uniswap, can DEXT take advantage of the trend?

As of the writing of Blue Fox Notes, Uniswap's current liquidity exceeds 250 million US dollars, the daily trading volume is close to 150 million US dollars.

He earned 194 times from playing Huobi Futures in 6 days, and he would lose all the money in the currency circle

Playing perpetual contracts on Huobi for 6 days, earning 19467.16% of the total income - 194 times!This may seem like an exaggerated story title. However, in the recent Huobi Perpetual Contract Masters.

Golden Trend丨Golden Cross again BTC will start again this time?

The picture above shows the long-term weekly trend of BTC from 2010 to 2020. The two key moving averages in the figure are the weekly MA20 and MA50 moving averages.

FTX Market Insights: The trend of mainstream currencies is highly consistent with BTC DeFi project returns are no longer rising consistently.

Weekly increase and decrease BTC-PERP: +21.72% | ETH-PERP: 26.95%ZachXBT: Some of the funds transferred from FTX seem to be white hat funds, about $196 million: According to news on November 12.

8.13 Evening Market: The concept of DEFI continues to be hilarious, stepping on the beat of BTC

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

DeFi Art Weekly: Crypto art is becoming an emerging industry.

DeFi Arts Intelligencer (DeFi Arts Intelligencer) is a high-quality column from the Western Ethereum community, curated by William m. Peaster, DAOSquare is honored to be a partner of DeFi Arts Intelligencer.

8.3 Midday market: Shocking market can be operated in the interval

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

Golden Observation | BTC broke through 10,000 again, ETH hit a new high, is the bull market finally here?

On July 26, the Bitcoin market suddenly rebounded unexpectedly, and the price once soared to $10,272. As of today’s press time, the price of Bitcoin was as high as $10,315, and has now fallen back to $10.

The latest version of native APP of OASIS Oasis game platform is officially launched

The OASIS game platform version 2.0 will be launched on July 29, 2020. This time, Oasis 2.0 has been carefully planned and designed.

Golden Trend丨Nasdaq has previewed the future bull market of BTC for us

From the comparison of the long-term trend of BTC and the Nasdaq index, we can find that the two are relatively similar. In the early stage.

Stablecoin market value soars 140% and demand soars, can it "fuel" the Bitcoin bull market?

Recently, the total market value of stablecoins has exceeded 12 billion US dollars, which has aroused market discussion and attention. As a value medium for encrypted asset transactions.

The temperature of the DeFi boom is not decreasing, and the transaction fees on the Bitcoin chain are "rising"

Bitcoin has not missed the recent increase in the price of the encrypted market, but its on-chain transfer fees have also increased significantly like the Ethereum network fees.

Golden trend丨This data shows that 10,000 US dollars is not the top of BTC's current trend

The perpetual contract has no expiration date, so the gap between the contract price and the spot index price anchored by the funding rate will not be too large to avoid excessive premiums or discounts. For perpetual.

Head of VISA cryptocurrency: CBDC is the most important trend in the field of currency and payment in the next 10 years

Via a series of tweets posted on the official Twitter account on July 4, Cuy Sheffield, head of encryption at VISA, shared his views on central bank digital currencies (CBDC). According to him.

Chainlink takes the lead, do other decentralized oracle projects still have a chance?

Recently, the concept of DeFi has become popular in the blockchain world, driving the skyrocketing market value of a large number of DeFi projects. As an oracle machine, which is inseparable from all DeFi projects.

Will the user experience of USDT based on the BCH network be better?

Saying goodbye to the fierce battle during the two forks, BCH seems to have entered a state of Buddhism that is indifferent to the world. However, according to Coindesk's analysis.

Under the normal state of the epidemic, blockchain builds distributed digital identity

On June 23, academician Zhong Nanshan said in an exclusive interview that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is not expected to disappear during "this winter and next spring" communication.

Ling invented: Filecoin may become a mining project IPFS ecology is the real future

At present, the Filecoin test network has entered the final critical period. Apart from the discussion on its technical application and economic model.

7.3 Midday market: encounter resistance and fall back, strong support below here.

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

COMP rose 17 times in ten days Can DeFi really achieve such huge profits?

From a profitability perspective, the current state of centralized financial inclusion may be what the future of DeFi will look like.As we all know, no matter for the platform or for users.

Golden observation | Zhao Dong's story

Today, it was reported on the Internet that on June 2, Zhao Dong, the founder of RenrenBit, was taken away by the police.

Golden Relativity | 360 Peng Zhiyao: Data security is the top priority in the development of the blockchain industry.

During the two sessions, many representatives put forward blockchain-related proposals, involving multiple levels such as technology, industry, and policy supervision. In this regard.