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Exclusive Video | Aoyou Browser Launches Decentralized Domain Name Service NBDomain

On October 18, at the Chinese live broadcast conference with the theme of "BSV ONE WORLD CHAIN" held by CoinGeek, Jeff Chen, founder and CEO of Aoyou Browser, said that Aoyou 6 browser launched NBDomain.

YFI founder AC overturned again.What happened to LBI, which plummeted 99% overnight?

Yesterday, YFI founder Andre Cronje released a new article "Encryption Economy, Permanent Liquidity, and Offsetting Impermanence Loss", which mentioned a new token model LBI. According to AC's own introduction.

Golden Outpost | The Central Bank of the Bahamas plans to launch a digital currency Sand Dollar in October

The Central Bank of the Bahamas plans to officially launch the national digital currency Sand Dollar nationwide in October.

The price of Bitcoin suddenly fell by 3%, or the number of Bitcoins sold by miners hit a new 5-month high

On September 13, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped from $10,580 to $10,258 on Coinbase. Before the 3% drop in 9 hours, on-chain data suggested that miners may be dumping BTC.Over the past week.

Technology Weekly|Ethereum 2.0 function development will be completed before October 15

This week's Technology Weekly contains technology-related news about the three projects of Ethereum, Polkadot, and Filecoin. V God: We are working hard to reduce Gas fees. Regarding the discussion of high Gas fees.

9.Evening market on the 1st: Can ETH still get on the bus?

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

Collins Capital Cheng Jianbo: The mining industry needs to be de-monopolized

On August 22, the "2020 Global Blockchain Computing Power Conference and New Infrastructure Mining Summit" opened in Chenghua District, Chengdu. This conference focuses on industry hot topics such as blockchain.

"New infrastructure" creates a new engine for the digital economy: Hobbit Blockchain Research Institute and Tianjin Communications and Broadcasting Group have reached a strategic cooperation

Recently, Hobbit Blockchain Research Institute and Tianjin Communications and Broadcasting Group reached a strategic cooperation. This cooperation aims to realize the organic combination of wireless communication.

Golden Hardcore | Understand the Curve fork project Swerve in one article.Who will be forked next?

Jine Finance recently launched the Hardcore column to provide readers with introductions or in-depth interpretations of popular projects.YFI adopts no pre-mining, no investor/team allocation.

AAX Academy丨Why are stablecoins important?

Stablecoins are an important part of the crypto ecosystem. Stablecoins differ from other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and ETH in that their prices are stable relative to other assets.

A big inventory of Ethereum 2.0 challengers.

After several years of development, Ethereum 2.0 seems to be within reach. Although the start of the Medalla test network was not stable.

Golden Outpost | Ali Health App changed its name to Yilu, and the blockchain-based application scenarios continue to evolve

Golden Finance News Ali Health App recently officially changed its name to "Yilu", which is similar to the naming method of Ali's products such as Tmall, Hema, Fliggy, Cainiao, and Ant. After the name change.

Escorting the "stabilization of foreign trade", how does the blockchain trading platform show its skills?

China Central Radio, Beijing, September 7th (Reporter Zhao Ke) According to the report of "World Finance and Economics", the voice of economics of China Central Radio and Television, since the first half of this year.

9.11 Midday market: long and short still have room to work hard.

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

All people mining as farmers, where will the classical exchange go?

Written in the front: When the circle is already uncle today, brother-in-law tomorrow, sushi in the morning and pearls in the afternoon.

IRS: Crypto income can be taxed as ordinary income

A recent memo from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) attempted to clarify the tax rules for receiving crypto assets as payment.

The creation process of the beacon chain

Large distributed multi-client blockchain launch events are uncommon. Yesterday (July 30) was the 5th anniversary of the birth of ETH 1.0: it can be seen that such a major birthday event is even rarer.ETH 2.

Securities Times Front Page Comment: Central Bank Digital Currency in the Fog

The pilot scope of the digital renminbi may expand, and the entire concept sector of A shares is boiling.The market’s vision is bright.

There is a mine at home | Currency code Weng Ling invented: Filecoin has built a distributed storage system for global collaboration

Recently, Filecoin and its underlying protocol IPFS have become hot topics in the industry. As a distributed storage blockchain network.

8.12 Evening Quotes: Is the Diving of Mainstream Currencies a Danger or an Opportunity

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

A detailed explanation of the creation of the beacon chain

The opportunity to witness the creation of a huge, distributed multi-client blockchain in life is very rare. Not so long ago.

Golden Observation丨Is the custody of funds on really safe?

Golden Finance Blockchain News, August 10, a DeFi income aggregation platform.

Combinability of DeFi + Liquidity Mining: Extreme returns and amazing risks

Since Compound launched liquidity mining on June 15, DeFi has been fully activated and ignited the enthusiasm of the encryption community. The Rapid Growth of DeFi From the amount of locked assets.

The big news in the blockchain industry is here: the equity trading center + blockchain pilot will start.

Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved five regional equity markets including Beijing and Shanghai to participate in the pilot work of blockchain construction. It is reported that the Beijing Eq.

What is the underlying logic of the asset digitization trend?

With the development of the blockchain, there is a trend that is becoming more and more obvious, that is, the digitization of assets.I believe that today, no one should doubt this trend anymore. After all.

Golden Observation | Expanding the Encrypted Ecological Landscape Fidelity Investments Added New Mining Enterprise Hut8

Golden Finance, July 13 News Asset management giant Fidelity became the largest investor in Canadian listed mining company Hut8’s public offering last month. According to a recent filing.

Golden Observation丨Can Bitcoin's "invasion" of Ethereum enhance the DeFi system?

Golden Finance  Blockchain July 7th   There are various ecosystems in cryptocurrency, and even in terms of mining, projects follow different directions. For example.

Golden Observation丨Who performs best among DeFi tokens, platform coins, and Bitcoin?

Jinse Finance  Blockchain, June 24th  As one of the fastest growing fields in the encryption industry, decentralized finance has won the affirmation of industry insiders with its unique lending, saving.

Golden Observation 丨 If 5 trillion US dollars of liquidity enters the market, what impact will it have on Bitcoin?

Golden Finance Blockchain News, June 19   Bitcoin has fluctuated around $9,400 for a long time. Some people in the industry believe that as global precious metal prices continue to rise.

Golden Outpost | Decentralized social application Status released v1.4 version.

Jinse Finance reported that Status, a decentralized social application based on Ethereum, has released version v1.4. In version 1.4.

"Blockchain Home" officially launched on the official website of the National Internet Emergency Response Center

On June 30, 2020, the blockchain data service platform "Blockchain Home" independently developed by the National Internet Emergency Response Center was officially launched on the CNCERT official website. Users can ent.

Golden Trend丨Learn from history, every bull market cycle of BTC conforms to this rule

The above picture shows the long-term trend of BTC from 2010 to 2020. Through research, it can be found that the three production halvings are used as the time division point.

"Starting in a hurry, exiting coldly and calmly" block chain projects encountered obstacles

The reporter searched through the China Government Procurement Network and found that within half a year.

Technology Weekly | The Ethereum Layer 2 expansion strategy has basically succeeded.

This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news about the Bitcoin network, Ethereum network, EOS network, and Filecoin network.Bitcoin Core officially launched version 0.20.0According to official news.

In-depth analysis of NEAR's private transaction function

Not long ago, NEAR announced a partnership with ZeroPool, which will add support for private transaction functions in the NEAR protocol. At present, on NEAR's platform, all transactions are publicly available.

Golden Observation | The United States and South Korea are actively deploying digital currencies, and the global central bank's digital currency process is accelerating

On June 11, U.S. time, the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing entitled "Inclusive Banking During the Epidemic: Using Fed Accounts and Digital Tools to Improve Economic Stimu.