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Blockchain and Bitcoin in the eyes of the richest man Jack Ma

From October 23rd to 25th, 2020, the second Bund Financial Summit with the theme of "Crisis and Opportunity: New Finance and New Economy under the New Pattern" was held in Shanghai. Jack Ma attended and delivered a sp.

The CVT DAVE smart city solution is favored by the South Korean government, and the smart city cooperation intention of Suncheon and Yeosu has been added

Big news丨CVT DAVE smart city solution is favored by the South Korean government, and Suncheon and Yeosu have added smart city cooperation intentionsIn September, CyberVein.

5 must-read articles in the evening | The European Union will formulate regulations on encrypted assets: strong supervision on stablecoins

1. Why is Uniswap, the leading DEX, not in a hurry to issue coins?Looking at SushiSwap now, it is far less glamorous than when it first came out. In the beginning.

Golden Morning Post | The average computing power of BTC hits a new high, and the number of Github development activities of Ethereum hits a 7-month high

▌Bitcoin’s average computing power exceeds 135 EH/s, a new highAccording to the block explorer, as of 9:10 a.m. Beijing time on September 13.

The total value locked in DeFi fell by more than 20% within 4 days.Miners sold or platform tokens were cashed out?

The total value locked on DeFi platforms has taken a huge hit over the past week. This is a 20% drop from its peak of $8.41 billion on September 2, 2020.This marks the first major correction for a DeFi protocol.

Video: Is DeFi's wool really so easy to squeeze?

Hello everyone, we are Aunt Zhang and Aunt Yang Two Blockchain Entrepreneurs Some time ago.

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund: Financial inclusion is crucial in the post-epidemic era

On September 24, the Bund Conference opened in Shanghai. Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), quoted an old Chinese saying in her opening keynote speech.

What does the US SEC think about the DeFi boom?

As the DeFi market continues to boom, some US SEC commissioners were interviewed and expressed their views on decentralized finance (DeFi).The current upsurge of DeFi has not caused much attention and sensation at the.

Golden trend丨BTC weekly line is about to die, often ushering in a burst rebound

Last night, there was a wave of bottoming out, and the price broke through the hourly downward triangle suppression, and the highest reached around 10,440 US dollars and then fell back. However.

Filecoin released the most stringent mining model, 80% of mining machine manufacturers may be eliminated.

In addition to DeFi and Polkadot, this year's hot spots also include Filecoin mining, which many investors love and hate. Recently.

CCID Research Institute: The 19th issue of the Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index

On August 26, 2020, China Electronics Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID Research Institute) released the 19th CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index.

Golden Outpost|Filecoin space race has started

Jinse Finance reported that at around 6:00 on August 25th, Beijing time, Filecoin officially launched the space race of the testnet reward plan. In this competition.

How is YFI's DeFi insurance configured?

Starting from loan aggregation, YFI started the expansion of its DeFi "empire". In addition to providing stable currency aggregation and mining aggregation.

The change from 0 to 1, one article to understand AMM automatic market maker

Since the beginning of this year, the popularity of Defi has continued to heat up, and the decentralized exchange DEX, which is an important part of Defi, has also continued to receive attention. As a typical DEX.

Since ancient times, a hero came out of a boy.Why is the domestic rookie Nervos favored by the BSN national team

On the afternoon of October 24, 2019, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

First release | Frequent attacks in the blockchain field detail the blockchain-related attacks that have occurred since July

Event Hacking and other attacks Traditional ransomware attacks and attacks that remotely control the victim's system through system vulnerabilities are the main attack methods in the hacker-ransomware attacks that hav.

Golden Observation丨The ambition of Facebook’s new payment project F2: to unify the payment world?

Golden Finance Blockchain, August 11th   Facebook has launched a new payment project "Facebook Financial" (F2), and has formed a payment team (including Libra).

ETH2.0 final test network launch Phase 0 is very likely to be launched at the end of the year.

Ethereum’s multi-client testnet, Medalla, will launch on August 4, according to ethereum launch coordinator Danny Ryan. Blue Fox Notes checked the countdown.

If the blockchain wants to develop on a large scale, cross-chain is an inevitable choice

"If there is only one blockchain in the world, cross-chains may not be needed; however, what we have is not just a blockchain." In 1969.

Ethereum test network Medalla will be launched on August 4th, and the next step will be to focus on the integration of ETH1+ETH2

Medalla, the next multi-client test network of Ethereum, will be launched at 21:00 Beijing time on August 4th. According to an article published by Ethereum coordinator Danny Ryan on the official Ethereum blog.

The TON community version testnet is online, which can basically realize the transfer on Telegram

Foreword: Under pressure from a U.S. court, Durov halted Telegram’s two-and-a-half-year development of the TON blockchain and ended the entire project.But this does not mean that Telegram users will bid farewell to th.

Cheng Xiaoming, an expert on the new third board: the fourth board will be a test field for promoting the combination of blockchain technology and capital market

On July 21, the Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau issued a document "Beijing Equity Trading Center Obtained the First Batch of Blockchain Pilot Construction Qualifications".

Golden Trend丨How long will it take for BTC to hit a new record high?

From the long-term historical trend chart of BTC, it can be found that the first output was halved in November 2012, and in the next three months.

Golden Observation丨When will DeFi completely take over CeFi?

Golden Finance Blockchain News, July 26  Many people have recently compared the popular decentralized financial system (DeFi) with the traditional financial system (CeFi).

Gu Yanxi: Look at the future functions of brokerages from the 35 million users of Coinbase

As we all know, Coinbase is now planning to go public. According to recent media reports, in the institutional analysis of Coinbase in the first half of 2020, it was revealed that Coinbase now has 35 million users.

7.Market at 9 noon: stand firmly at this position and the upper space will open

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

7.9 morning market: sentiment breaks through the key pressure range, and the upside space is opened.

Last night, the market finally hardened once, and successfully stood at 9,300 and 9,400 US dollars. From the perspective of market changes, the dealer’s help was indispensable, but from the results.

Golden Observation | One article to understand the special policies of blockchain in 6 provinces and 1 city

From being "rectified" in October last year to being officially included in the "new infrastructure" in April this year, within half a year.

Video | Received 3 more digital currency scam calls today.

The rivers and lakes are dangerous, remember to take out this anti-fraud manual from time to time Hello everyone.

Can Polkadot support the future of Web3?

Introduction On June 18, the Polkadot mainnet officially entered the NPoS stage from the previous PoA stage.

The concept of IPFS is overheated, be wary of FOMO psychology, let's see what is the FIL listed on the exchange.

No one should know about IPFS, which claims to replace the HTTP protocol.Recently, as its incentive layer decentralized storage network Filecoin's mainnet is about to go online.

From the perspective of inflation, explain why you should hold digital assets.

Bitcoin has been around for more than 10 years. With the completion of the third "halving", the word inflation appears frequently in the digital asset community. Rather.

Golden Outpost | Battle for the Iron Throne in Bitmain: Suspend Jihan Wu's administrative lawsuit for changing legal person.

On July 10, 2020, the Fourth Intermediate People's Court of Beijing once again suspended Wu Jihan's administrative lawsuit for changing the legal person. On November 20, 2019.

Golden Trend丨This indicator indicates that BTC is about to skyrocket?

The Hash Ribbons indicator is to show the change trend of the Bitcoin hash rate and the health of the Bitcoin mining ecosystem by quantifying the relative growth rate of the hash rate.

JPMorgan Chase blockchain project Kadena tokens listed for the first time

Bittrex Global, one of the world's most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, will be the first cryptocurrency exchange to list the token of Kadena.

How high is the probability of "unwinding" in the second half of the year?

After the halving of Bitcoin, seeing the booming DeFi, the entry of institutions, the launch of the much-watched ETH 2.0 and other new projects, one after another.