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Virtual assets become a way for hackers to launder money G7 calls on more countries to implement virtual asset protection measures

The Group of Seven (G7) warned on Tuesday of a surge in global ransomware attacks, saying the hacking technique poses a threat to critical infrastructure in the world's major economies.Ransomware attacks on schools.

Big news丨CVT officially landed on the MXC Matcha Exchange at 20:00 on September 28

Big news丨CVT officially listed on the MXC Matcha Exchange at 20:00 on September 28 To all CVT users: In order to further promote the free flow of CVT value in the international market.

10.11 noon market: Bitcoin trend and countermeasures

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

Curve based on Zk rollup technology has opened the testnet test

Under the onslaught of DeFi in the past few months, the Ethereum network has been overwhelmed. Layer 2 and sharding are the path to future scalability of Ethereum. However.

DeFi Weekly | UNI 7 days down over 20% SUSHI supply reduction has officially started

1. The total market value of DeFi is 13.178 billion US dollars. UNI, YFI, and UMA all fell by more than 20% this week The prices of the top ten coins by market capitalization and their rise and fall this week.

5 must-reads in the evening | Filecoin mainnet will be launched soon These exchanges will launch FIL soon

1. Filecoin mainnet will be launched soon, these exchanges will soon list FILLooking forward to it, looking forward to it, the mainnet of Ace Pigeon Filecoin is finally coming. According to BiKi market data.

Golden Observation丨Not limited to digital art Why is it said that the future of NFT can be expected

Golden Finance Blockchain, October 12 News Speaking of one of the most concerned focuses of the cryptocurrency industry in 2020.

Bitcoin Institutional Demand Surges After MicroStrategy Invests $450M

A massive bitcoin investment appears to be fueling institutional demand for bitcoin.MicroStrategy, a $1.5 billion Nasdaq-listed business intelligence and cloud technology group, has acquired 38.

WBF Exchange launched "WT✖DeFi Mining Week" and detonated the DeFi boom

On September 14th, the "WT✖DeFi Mining Week" event exclusively launched by the WBF Exchange officially kicked off. This event lasted for 7 days and carried out 3 DeFi-themed "Nuggets" activities -- "Lock Warehouse WT.

Video: Ma Huateng's blockchain ambitions of Tencent

As Ma Huateng said, under the huge Tencent ecosystem, the blockchain is fully embracing Tencent's industrial Internet.

Huobi took the lead in launching "DeFi mining" to open the entrance for large-scale participation in DeFi

Recently, the entire cryptocurrency market has plummeted, and many users and investors have caused huge losses. At this time.

Beijing City Sub-center will pilot 27 reform tasks including legal digital currency

Zhao Lei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Beijing City Sub-center, deputy director of the Management Committee of the Beijing City Sub-center.

First release | The "Sky Eye Solution" of the Okey Cloud Chain blockchain promotes the upgrade of the security system on the chain

Okey Cloud Chain Group's measures to help blockchain security continue to deepen. On August 28, the world's leading blockchain industry group Oukeyun Chain announced the launch of the blockchain "Sky Eye Solution".

Metaverse DNA mainnet HELIX sets sail, the era of millisecond-level transactions on the public chain is coming, and the outbreak is imminent

At 15:00 on August 5th, the live broadcast of the third session (domestic session) of the 2020 Finwise Cloud Summit sponsored by Metaverse DNA was simultaneously launched on TokenClub and major global platforms. Durin.

The hot war is in full swing, who will make the Huobi contract a god?

Huobi recently held the Perpetual Contract Masters.

Golden DeFi Daily | Aave's lock-up volume surpasses Maker and ranks first

The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, data source CoinGeckoGolden Noon News | List of important developments at noon on October 30: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: DeFi.

Ethereum mining DAG has become a hidden worry, how should miners solve it?

The recent rise of Ethereum has been gratifying and has attracted the attention of many people. Due to the high profit of Ethereum mining, many Bitcoin miners have started the mining of Ethereum.

Golden trend丨BTC should not blindly chase high, there is still a risk of falling back in the near future

At the weekly level of the large structure, the current price has broken through the long-term suppression line of 19800-14000, but the current pull-up continues.

The big rise detonated the market, but this kind of "dead bulls" unexpectedly poured cold water.

On August 1, CFTC released the latest CME Bitcoin futures weekly report (July 22-July 28). During the latest statistical period, the price of BTC rose sharply, and the market returned to $10.

Golden Observation丨The third generation of DeFi token mortgage technology is on the rise?

Jinjin Finance Blockchain, August 13th Today, more and more people are excited about the mortgage protocol and the launch of Ethereum 2.0.

Golden Deep Core | Persistence and selection of the public chain in Layer1

Header image: Recording video of the Battle of Stalingrad Last week, I tried to build a node on a chain with a mining machine. During the participation process, a computer motherboard was used as a server.

It is difficult for TikTok content platform to make profits, blockchain distributed storage will bring solutions

TikTok, a Chinese short video content platform, currently has more than 800 million users worldwide.

Golden Observation|Oracle tokens have achieved a snowball effect

The compound interest of assets is a snowball process.

Golden Sentinel | CRV's online market value exceeds ETH, but these risks should be paid attention to.

Following COMP, BAL and YFI, traders poured hundreds of millions of dollars into lending protocols including Curve.

Dialogue with He Zhi, the founder of FDEX: Who is the best betting opportunity after DeFi?

After DeFi, who will be the next best opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to deploy in the blockchain field?He gave such an answer - decentralized exchange!GameOn Technology.

Integrating blockchain into export trade financing business Feasibility analysis of "blockchain + finance" by Ookeyun Chain Research Institute

On July 22, the Ningbo Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange held a cross-border financial blockchain service platform work promotion meeting. According to data released at the meeting.

What are the difficulties faced by the hot decentralized exchange (DEX)?

The recent DeFi can no longer be described as hot.

The Bank of Korea established a CBDC legal advisory group

According to Korea Financial News (FNnews), the Bank of Korea (BOK) announced on July 13, 2020.

Shenzhen Pingshan government blockchain platform officially launched

On June 30, the launch ceremony of the government affairs blockchain platform in Pingshan District.

Brilliant Ideas: How Bitcoin Can Solve Venezuela's Troubled Oil Supply Issues

Bitcoin solves many problems, from mishandled monetary policy to serving as an entirely new store of wealth.But could this also solve Venezuela's sanctioned and stuck-at-sea oil problem.

Insight: Arbitrage through grayscale physical investment?

Key takeaways ● Messari's estimate that in-kind contributions account for 80% of Grayscale's subscription volume is misleading.

Golden Observation丨Visa's encryption executive advises young people on financial management: choose cryptocurrency and DeFi

Golden Finance Blockchain News, June 29  Visa encryption head Cuy Sheffield (Cuy Sheffield) asked a question on Twitter: If you are 16 years old now.

Golden Outpost | The application goes further, the National Health Commission mentioned the blockchain in the epidemic prevention and control work

The application of blockchain and other technologies to realize the safe flow and authorized access of medical data has been listed by the National Health Commission as an option for normalized epidemic prevention and.

The latest promotional video of Voice is released: it will be open to the world for free on July 4th.

Today, Voice arrived as scheduled and updated a new promotional video. Voice | Voice official: The beta version will be promoted in the United States first: Voice issued a document stating that the first stop of Voice.

Technology promotes good WeBank uses blockchain to build a new blueprint for community governance

At present, the blockchain is the hot spot and focus of people's attention. As the underlying system of the new generation of Internet.

TON no longer stands for Telegram Open Network

TON used to stand for "Telegram Open Network", but now the name change also means that the social giant is leaving the blockchain field. In the future.