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Filecoin is expected to launch the mainnet on the 15th: 25% of the block rewards for storage miners will be released directly

According to the news on October 14, the Filscout website shows that the current Filecoin block height has reached 145,000, and there are less than 3.

5 must-reads in the evening | How to prevent and unfreeze bank cards correctly

1. Institutions are quietly accumulating more high-net-worth individuals are investing in BitcoinAt 10:22 a.m. on October 10, data from Huobi Global showed that BTC’s short-term rise broke through the $11.

Gold Brochure | What is market liquidity mining? A comprehensive interpretation of RARI

Perhaps due to the recent decline in currency prices, mining revenues are far lower than before, and the mining threshold is high, the voice of mining in the community has gradually become weaker. However.

Beijing Bitmain legal person "changes ownership": from Ketuan Zhan to Jihan Wu

Customers, employees, partners of Bitmain Group, and friends from the media:Thank you for your long-term concern, support and help to Bitmain Group. Beijing Bitmain Technology Co.

Golden Observation丨Bitcoin’s volatility intensifies this month, but do you dare not be optimistic this time?

Golden Finance Blockchain September 23 News Bitcoin miners have dumped a large number of Bitcoins in the past two months.

Blockchain fierce battle advanced related standard competition

The competition in the various tracks of the blockchain is fierce.

The shuffling algorithm of Ethereum 2.0.

Introduction If you're trying to learn the shuffle dance, you're in the wrong place. But believe me.

Golden Outpost|Ethereum will launch a 3-day Spadina testnet

Jinse Finance reported that according to the official blog of the Ethereum Foundation, the new Ethereum testnet Spadina launchpad has been activated.Spadina, a quick walkthrough eth2 testnet.

How does Polkadot set up a proxy account?

Polkadot provides a proxy module through which you can set up a proxy account to add a layer of security.

Technology Weekly|Polkadot officially launched version v0.8.23 Filecoin main network may be launched in October

This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news related to Ethereum, Polkadot, COSMOS.

Huobi Watch: Grayscale increased its holdings by nearly 80,000 Bitcoins in 100 days.When will the market return to the mainstream currency?

According to news on August 31, an anonymous Reddit user compiled a data sheet of Bitcoin purchase records from the beginning of April 2020 to the present from Grayscale.

Golden Observation|What else do "SUSHIs" need to experience?

The popularity of SUSHI has faded, mainly because the price has dropped. In just 3 days, the price of SUSHI has experienced the test of peaks and troughs.Two days ago.

Synthetix (SNX) Total Locked Value Exceeds $1 Billion as DeFi Investor Interest Increases

After other DeFi protocols such as Compound and Aave, Synthetix has reached the $1 billion milestone in value locked. Synthetix (SNX) is one of many DeFi tokens that has seen solid gains in 2020.

Layer 2 solution and Ethereum 2.0 who is the optimal solution for DeFi to become mainstream

The rapid growth of the decentralized finance (DeFi) space has taken a hit after the price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell 17.5% recently. However, as Bitcoin rebounds, the DeFi space may continue to grow.

Golden DeFi Daily | DeFi total market value: 12.234 billion US dollars

1. The total market value of DeFi: 12.234 billion US dollars Golden Morning News | Malta has approved 14 encrypted asset agents and has issued financial licenses: 1.

Yam protocol plans to migrate old tokens to audited contracts.

After the original Yam Finance protocol crashed due to a single line of code, its developers plan to restart the project on new, audited smart contracts.YAMv2 breaks through $46.

8.19 Midday market: What to do next after clearing the stop loss order

After Bitcoin broke through 12,000 US dollars, it directly ate a large number of empty stop loss orders gathered above 12,000 US dollars, prompting the transaction price to directly pull to 12.

Golden Sentinel | Shinzo Abe announced his resignation and promoted the development of digital currency during his tenure

Golden Finance News, at 4 pm on August 28, Shinzo Abe held a press conference at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Tokyo, Japan.

Golden Observation丨Thoughts triggered by the split of Polkadot DOT: the "immoral" intervention of the exchange may put the community at risk.

Golden Finance Blockchain News, August 24    Polkadot is the flagship project of the Web3 Foundation.

In 2020, the Ethereum block reward may drop to 0.5ETH?

Explode mines on flat ground. This time the thunderstorm comes from the official discussion community of Ethereum developers "Ethereum Magician Forum".

8.26 evening market: BTC tests whether the bottom support of the box is in or out

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

The source of the currency may be flawed, and the legal risk of doing the wallet business has increased sharply.

In the previous push, we learned about the legal boundaries of virtual currency. There is a legend in the industry that virtual currency wallets are legal in mainland China and can be used as you like. However.

Golden Observation|The cheap 51% attack puzzle suffered by ETC

Jinse Finance reported that on August 3, ETC’s official Twitter announced the blockchain data analysis company Bitquery’s investigation report on the 51% attack on ETC.The report shows that from 0:30 on August 1st to.

Is there legal risk for blockchain companies to use cryptocurrency to pay wages?

Recently, some readers left messages saying that after entering a new unit, the company divides the salary into two parts, one part is cash.

Starting from the analysis of attack events, explore how we treat DeFi

Since 2019, DeFi has gradually become a hot spot in the blockchain, and a large amount of funds began to pour into various DeFi projects. Since the emergence of the Synthetix project.

Golden Observation | "Mining death spiral" was broken BTC data is good

Just two months after the Bitcoin halving event in May.

Golden Observation丨Why does "Gemini" support the BitLicense reform? Is there something tricky behind it?

Golden Finance Blockchain, July 4th  Gemini has always regarded regulation as a good thing. They believe that the conditional BitLicense recently proposed by the New York State Department of Financial Services (N.

Seven Legal Questions in the Currency Circle: Is there any risk in calling for certain coins? Can a Divorce Request to Divide Coins?

Recently, the people in the currency circle who came to consult us have changed. In the past, it was basically the actual controllers and shareholders.

First release|The security of encrypted wallets should not be underestimated, beware of hackers remotely controlling devices

The CertiK security team discovered a remote code execution vulnerability in the Symbol desktop wallet and submitted the vulnerability to the Symbol bug bounty program.

6.25 Evening Quotes: Is it Danger or Opportunity to Return to the Lower Track of Concussion?

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

2020 Global Authorized Patent Report in the Blockchain Field: Alipay ranks first in the world in the number of patents

On July 1, the China Patent Protection Association released the "2020 Global Authorized Patent Report in the Blockchain Field". The report shows that in the global ranking of authorized blockchain patents.

AAX exchange platform token AAB is online Kushen Wallet

On June 19, the AAX exchange platform currency AAB officially launched the blockchain digital asset wallet Kushen Wallet. Users can use Kushen cold wallet and APP wallet to send.

Understand the principle of Balancer's "liquidity mining" in one article

Liquidity is crucial to the development of DeFi. Many DApps require reliable liquidity pools to support their operations.

The "Iranian exchange" bisis opened by the Chinese was filed by the police, and the platform urgently froze assets

Wu said that the blockchain has learned that the Iranian exchange bisis, which has been widely reported by the Chinese media.

6.Market at noon on May: Shock-based with short-term opportunities

The market has not changed much. Bitcoin continues to move steadily, and it encounters resistance near 9,900 US dollars. The market is like this.BTC fell below the $35.