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Looking at the future trend of Bitcoin from JPMorgan Chase's third-quarter earnings report

JPMorgan is not a Bitcoin indicator. However, the U.S. banking giant’s third-quarter earnings report was filled with anecdotes that could somehow shape the future of cryptocurrencies.JPMorgan's earnings showed profits.

MakerDAO adds LRC, COMP, and LINK as Dai collateral

MakerDAO added LRC, COMP, and LINK as collateral for Dai through an executive vote.LRC is Loopring's ERC20 Token.

DAI is now 60% of centralized assets What does this mean?

Over the past few days, there has been a lot of buzz on Crypto Twitter about Maker's collateral status.Some users pointed out that 40% of the collateral in Maker is now IOUs projects.

Golden Outpost|Matter Labs launches zkSync expansion solution for Curve

Jinse Finance reported that MatterLabs, an Ethereum expansion project, launched the first zkSync two-layer smart contract test network "ZincAlef" for the stable currency exchange platform Curve.According to the data.

It's really hard for miners: Bitcoin mining difficulty breaks through 19 T, hitting a record high

Bitcoin miners have never been tougher. . .According to Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer data.

The mid-term decline will not end easily.If you see Changyang, don’t blindly chase the rise

The nature of each level: daily line - consolidation, 4 hours - down, 1 hour - consolidation (bearish pattern)The screenshot is from the OKEX BTC/USDT perpetual 4-hour chart: For the market, there are two angles.

A Brief Talk on the Future of Eth 2.0: Sharding as a Data Availability Layer

Every time the winds and clouds change, people start to think about what's next for the systems we deploy.The rise of DeFi in Ethereum has also brought such doubts to the smart contract platform level. At present.

How will the Fed's new policy affect the "digital currency" market?

When investing, we must not only pay attention to the fields we invest in, but also pay attention to the macro-financial and economic environment.

The capital power behind the digital renminbi

Even though the central bank has not issued a regulatory document on the digital renminbi (DC/EP) so far.

Gu Yanxi: Opportunities for payment and clearing companies in the future digital financial ecology

In the future digital financial ecology, the infrastructure of the financial market must be based on distributed accounting technology. Distributed accounting technology supports direct transactions between point-to-p.

Golden DeFi Daily | UMA Soared 29.6% Dex Trading Volume 341 Million USD

Golden Noon News | A list of important developments at noon on August 19: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Colombia, China Banking Association, Bulgaria.

Trader's Feast WSOT World Trading Competition is now launched

Bitcoin fluctuated sharply last week. Although there was a sharp dive, the overall trend is still upward. The market of the big bull market has been shouted out by countless traders.

Golden Recommended Reading | Can Ethereum 2.0 carry the future of DeFi?

How will sharding guide the cities, suburbs, and farmland of the Ethereum economy? Ethereum is surprisingly crowded today—even more so than it was at the height of the ICO bubble. This is surprising.

Video | CCTV ministers say: Digital currency does not replace bank deposits and has no other financial transactions

What exactly is digital currency? What changes will it bring to our lives? On August 10, CCTV News "The Theory of Relativity" "Ministers Talk: In the second half of the year, do this!" "The fifth issue.

Interview with Yan Zitong, founder of Xi'an Lingdong: The market space of the distributed storage industry can reach hundreds of billions

In 2020, "new infrastructure" is definitely one of the hottest industrial policies in China.On March 4, 2020.

Unlike Ethereum, the alternative Solana does not take the road of sharding

Not long ago, FTX will release its DEX exchange based on Solana. The DEX is called Serum. FTX CEO SBF also publicly "takes salt" for Solana: "Solana is great!" What's going on? Why not build its DEX based on Ethereum?.

Golden Observation丨Bloomberg: Why did Americans start to seek a high-yield savings alternative-Bitcoin?

Golden Finance Blockchain News, August 1     American savers are becoming restless.

Hold the spear of innovation and ride the wind and waves to forge the road of ZG.COM brand development

Today, the cryptocurrency market has developed into a diverse ecosystem consisting of exchanges, investors, and projects. Among them, the exchange is the core infrastructure of the cryptocurrency market.

Golden Observation | I chatted with big DeFi players and Xiaobai.They see the wave of wealth in DeFi in this way

Doubt, hesitation, excitement, all emotions are mixed together, gradually fermented and risen, and with the wave after wave of DeFi market, all the way up, they finally broke out. Lao Lu.

7.Market at noon on 27: breaking through this range, the upper space will be opened

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

Behind the ups and downs of DOT prices, what challenges does Polkadot face?

At the starting point of the current "bull market" that everyone is looking forward to, Polkadot has high expectations from the public as a cross-chain star project. However.

Investment opportunities in "stock market" and "currency market"

Some time ago, the stock market was a hot topic in various media.

Golden Observation|July 30 Can Ethereum 2.0 still start?

Regarding the launch time of Ethereum 2.0, at the beginning of 2020, when the Ethereum 2.0 team just started discussing the process, they confirmed that they hoped to launch Eth2.0 on the 5th anniversary of Ethereum.

Global central bank digital currency starts a battle for hegemony.China is isolated by G7.How to overtake in a corner

Recently, Lithuania issued the world's first central bank digital currency, which has attracted industry attention. According to Reuters, Lithuania began pre-selling 24.

Huobi Watch: Bitcoin continues to fall, how will the market outlook go?

According to the Huobi market, the BTC market as a whole maintained a volatile trend today, and the decline began to expand at 2 p.m., with the lowest drop to 9047.81. On the daily chart today.

Curve: DEX with sharp contrast between performance and appearance

(Jenep's waterwheel, Van Gogh) When we mentioned the DEX track, Curve is an unavoidable project. Its locked assets reached more than 73 million U.S. dollars.

Golden Outpost | The MakerDAO community voted for real assets as collateral

Jinjin Finance News, the MakerDAO community expressed strong support for the two new collateral proposals proposed by the startup Centrifuge. The company has developed a protocol that allows users to convert real asse.

6.11 noon market: approaching the risk area, wait and see.

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

Who is Funding Bitcoin Development?

Abstract: We have compiled a list of the major organizations and individuals funding open-source Bitcoin and the Lightning Network (Lightning). According to the data we compiled.

Golden Outpost | Filecoin Phase 2 testnet will be reset in 2 weeks.

Golden Finance News, Filecoin core developer Why said on the social platform that the second phase of the Filecoin testnet is expected to be reset again in 1-2 weeks. This reset is mainly to fix bugs and improve perfo.

What does the breakthrough of Ethereum layer2 mean?

V God's evaluation of the current Ethereum Layer 2 expansion strategy is that the initial deployment is "basically" successful, and the rest is a matter of refinement and deployment. In other words.

Golden Observation丨Interpretation of Amazon's "first/last mile" digital trust blockchain patent

Golden Finance Blockchain, May 30 News   As one of the global e-commerce and logistics transportation giants.

Cao Yin: From Duchamp to First Supper - The Decentralized Revolution of Art

Traditional art is often high-sounding, and the creators expect to use their works to talk to the audience, but most of the results are chicken and duck talking.