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5 must-reads in the evening | Can blockchain art become a cultural symbol of the encryption industry?

Can blockchain art become a cultural symbol of the encryption industry?From October 1, there will be a brand new work: a huge and alluring "record" in the Christie's gallery.

Golden Relativity | Song Ailu: The blockchain is becoming more and more mature, and the formulation of anti-money laundering standards is imminent

In recent years, as the blockchain technology has become more mature, the risks brought by the blockchain have been paid more and more attention. At present.

The DeFi market is falling and the TVL is rising Will the DeFi market become a bubble?

The decentralized finance market appears to have shrunk after the DeFi summer frenzy, when tokenized versions of bitcoin and protocols like Uniswap and SushiSwap outperformed the rest of the market. In early October.

Can NFT compete with DeFi? NFT will become the next cryptocurrency craze

Decentralized finance has been in the spotlight for nearly the entirety of 2020, sparking talk of a whole new alt-season.

A list of DeFi project innovations in 2020: What new things have brought new value and opportunities?

Risk reminder: This content is only for popular science learning and communication among encryption enthusiasts.

Golden Trend丨Bitcoin lures more or is the trend reversing?

The previously suggested rebound target range of 10,800-11,000 US dollars is basically in place. As mentioned earlier.

Vernacular version "What is Polkadot"

What is Polkadot and how is it different from existing blockchains? What is its purpose? Which chains to compete with? This post explains all of this in a high-level way - no technical expertise is required other than.

9.16 Midday market: after the funds enter the market, the target is here

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

An article to understand the smart contracts in the Polkadot ecosystem

Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi-chain system developed based on the Substrate blockchain development framework. Substrate provides the necessary basic functional modules for the development of blockchains.

Highlights: What does the 32-page Filecoin economic report say

Since the start of the space race on August 25th, the launch of the Filecoin mainnet has entered the countdown stage. At present.

Firelink Technology released the "Blockchain +" strategy in three steps to promote the digitalization of the physical industry

On the morning of September 8, the "Blockchain + Service Trade and Application Conference and the Founding Conference of the China Chamber of International Commerce Blockchain Innovation Service Industry Committee" wa.

Where is the value of CRV, which has risen six times in half a month?

At the time of writing Blue Fox Notes, Curve’s locked assets reached 1.24 billion US dollars, and the entire DeFi field was 7.82 billion US dollars, and Curve accounted for about 15.8%. In the entire DeFi field.

How Serum solves the existing weakness of DeFi

As of September 2, the total lock-up volume of DeFi exceeded US$12.3 billion, an increase of more than 1600% during the year; the total market value of DeFi projects also ushered in an explosion.

Golden Observation 丨 "Upgraded Uniswap"? Four reasons why Mooniswap deserves attention

Golden Finance Blockchain News, August 23  The demand for alternative trading solutions in the cryptocurrency market is growing.

Swipe wallet supports KAVA and USDX credit card spending

Kava announced on Twitter today that Kava Labs has established a strategic partnership with Swipe Wallet to further develop USDX's DeFi ecosystem.

8% annual interest rate up to $20,000 Coinbase will launch Bitcoin lending service

Crypto exchange giant Coinbase has entered the lending space.

Why is ETH skyrocketing? Sino-US conflict? DeFi boom? Or Ethereum 2.0?

According to the Huobi market, the price of BTC rose rapidly this morning, reaching a peak of 9530.56. The reason for this round of rise has something to do with the outbreak of ETH.

Ethereum researchers: ETH 2.0 Phase 0 may not be launched until 2021

Ethereum researchers claim that ETH 2.0 Phase 0 may not go live until early 2021.

Golden Observation | Grayscale Report: Bitcoin's return in the second quarter is much higher than that of gold.

Grayscale Investments just released its quarterly report. Grayscale’s assets under management (AUM) hit a record high in the second quarter, broadly reflecting investor interest in the digital currency asset class.

The application of blockchain technology ushers in the policy "bonus period"

With the continuous penetration of the digital economy, the new generation of information technology represented by the blockchain is accelerating its integration and penetration into the real economy.

Digital Signatures: A Signature Scheme Based on Elliptic Curves

In the digital age, the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of digital documents are the basic requirements for realizing information security. Digital signature is one of the main ways to meet the above requi.

7.Evening market on 19: the market of small currencies will continue

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

The CEO of Digital Assets Data is optimistic about the future trend of BTC

Miners are still holding Bitcoin (BTC), according to new findings from analytics firm Digital Assets Data.Digital Assets Data  CEO and co-founder Mike Alfred told Cointelegraph on June 18: "Since the Bitcoin halv.

The Criminal Law Amendment Solicits Opinions or Amends the Crimes of Illegally Absorbing Public Deposits and Fund-raising Fraud

The Eleventh Amendment to the Criminal Law still started to solicit opinions as scheduled. Judging from the content of the revision.

Project Weekly | ETH reaches the highest daily activity in two years

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project dynamics.

Golden Observation | Compound Crazy Growth Is there any water?

According to Debank data, the total loan volume of the cryptocurrency lending agreement Compound has surpassed Maker.

Stablecoin Report: DAI Maintains Steady Growth Explore the use of DAI by centralized exchange users

To help crypto market participants keep updated on the development status of stablecoins.

8:00 p.m.丨 U.S.stocks drive BTC back to $9,000, can you still get on the bus?

The first market live broadcast column 8 p.m. Kim 2020. 6.9 8:00 Big launch Every night at 8 o'clock, 5 celebrities Hot news, spot contracts, one-to-one real-time answersGrasp the market outlook anytime, anywhere.

BTC soared and fell, and then go like this

The article is contributed by V Ruomise  of Jinse Finance and Economics.

Belarus to issue digital tokens in central bank pilot program

On June 10, the Central Bank of Belarus licensed 12 commercial and state-owned banks in Belarus to distribute digital tokens through its future pilot program.According to the Belarusian media Sputnik Belarus.

BitMEX responds to the accusation of the lawsuit: it’s just fried rice and it’s untenable

According to Cointelegraph, HDR Global Trading, the parent company of BitMEX, responded to the lawsuit filed by BMA LLC in California. The spokesperson of HDR Global Trading pointed out that the lawsuit is untenable.

Technology Weekly | Eth2.0 Testnet Topaz has pledged more than 1 million ETH

This week's Technology Weekly contains technology-related news of the three networks of Ethereum, Polkadot.

Will Bitcoin inherited as property? Hi again

"Virtual currency will be inherited as property".

Golden Observation | Behind the centralized shutdown of many exchanges: hacker attacks, high compliance costs, and insolvency

Recently, several exchanges announced their closure due to hacker attacks, high compliance costs, insolvency and other reasons. OKEx CEO JayHao commented on this.

Golden Outpost | Polkadot’s new testnet Westend has replaced Alexander

On May 20, Polkadot announced that the new test network Westend has been launched. Westend will provide a test environment for our infrastructure partners to test the deployment and process of Polkadot and Kusama.West.

Golden Encyclopedia | What is Bitcoin Halving? Will there be a halving market?

This is the third halving since the birth of Bitcoin, and the output every 10 minutes will become 6.25 BTC. Everyone is talking about halving.