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Golden Sentinel | BitMEX executive personnel changes, Arthur Hayes stepped down as CEO

On October 8th, the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX announced that it had undergone management personnel changes. A week ago.

More than half of cryptocurrency exchanges lack authentication

Runaway Commentary: A new study by blockchain analysis company CipherTrace shows that more than half of all exchanges in the world have weak KYC identification protocols. Exchanges in Europe.

Eth2 Update Quick Facts: New Testnet Zinken Coming Soon

Summary: A brief report on the Spadina testnetThe new testnet Zinken is coming soon. Launchpad is live; genesis deposit period is one weekThe Spadina testnet, used to rehearse the genesis event.

The popularity of "seamless connection" NFT feeds back DeFi?

The combination of NFT and DeFi is becoming more and more obvious.  The NFT platform Sandbox has started liquidity mining, and once again seeks the connection between NFT and DeFi. Currently.

Use data to tell you how decentralized BTC is?

Summary Bitcoin’s decentralization can be quantified by indicators such as supply dispersion, distribution of computing power.

How to capture value? The value and significance of YFI/ETH price oracle

Yearn Finance, as an innovative project in the rise of this wave of DeFi.

DAML was selected as the dedicated smart contract language for the blockchain service network BSN

The national blockchain infrastructure BSN created by the State Information Center, China Mobile.

Many of DeFi are locked or mortgaged in a row, one prospers and one loses

Madman Says Centralized exchanges are frantically launching new coins.

Golden Trend丨The monthly line is about to close, a crucial day for BTC

Today's monthly line closes, today is a more critical day. Why do we say that.

Introduction to Minimalist Elliptic Curve Cryptography: Public Key Cryptography ECC

This article aims to provide a brief introduction to elliptic curve cryptography. This article assumes that the reader's reading purpose is to know why ECC is an effective cryptographic tool and its rationale.

What about the blood-sucking Uniswap?

Fortunately, Uniswap has announced that it is developing the V3 version of the protocol. Hayden Adams has publicly stated that the next version will solve all the problems currently encountered by AMM. For a forked pr.

8.28 Midday market: the upward rush encountered resistance but the funds did not retreat.

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

History is always strikingly similar, beware of reappearing "false breakthroughs"

The nature of each level: daily line - rising, 4 hours - consolidation (more pattern).

Golden Observation丨Will DeFi "force" Ethereum to speed up the search-ethexc for scaling solutions?

Jinjin Finance Blockchain August 25 News Since the beginning of this year, the average daily active-ethexc address and average daily transaction volume of the Ethereum network have shown a steady growth trend.

AAX Academy How to judge whether an exchange token is a good investment target

There are currently more than 6,200 types of tokens in the cryptocurrency market, and the number is still increasing, which can be applied to almost all usage scenarios.You can use one coin to run DApps.

Facebook F2 was established to point to the exchange channel between fiat currency and digital currency

Facebook just announced the establishment of a new division, Facebook Financial.

Datamaid Chain 2.0: Mainnet landing application has been launched

The latest overview of the ecological layout of the digital chain At this stage, the layout of the digital chain blockchain ecological service mainly focuses on the following three aspects: scenarios.

Why won't DeFi integrate into CeFi soon?

The decentralized finance (DeFi) market is likely to boom this year.

Gu Yanxi: The right-ethexc to use the hotel is the next trading product of the new digital asset exchange

In the future of digital asset exchanges, there will be new types of transactions.These transactions may be ownership, such as ownership of real estate and artwork, or claims.

Golden Observation | Bakkt's bitcoin option trading volume is 0 for three consecutive months.

The cryptocurrency community had high hopes for Bakkt.After all, it is backed by Intercontinental Exchange, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, and investors are also giants.

Golden trend丨BTC falls back and buys low, waiting for the next wave of upside

It fell back from the high point of 10,300 US dollars in the past, and it took up to 50 days to usher in a breakthrough. The breakthrough brought volume.

7.Market at noon on 29: The market enters the time of shock.The best entry position is here

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

There is no long and short here, only the method of judging long and short

The golden disc master class is officially open for registration, and the first free quota is 300 people. Course Description: 1. The form of WeChat group teaching, 12 classes.

Golden Observation丨What is the effect of the FATF "VASP Regulatory Guidance Standard" implemented for one year?

Jinse Finance Blockchain News, July 25   Nowadays, the virtual asset industry is developing rapidly.

7.14 Morning market: BTC's attempt to attack is futile, cautiously chasing high popular altcoins

The market tried to go up last night, accelerating towards 9300 and finally successfully stood on it. However.

7.18 Evening Quotes: Changes in Mainstream Currencies, Can You Buy Bottoms?

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

Golden Outpost|A large number of Twitter accounts such as Musk and Bill Gates were hacked, involving the same BTC scam

An epic safety accident broke out on Twitter on American social media! Involves the same bitcoin scam.On July 15, 2020, U.S. time.

DAO Weekly Report: MakerDAO Releases Governance Audit Report

MetaMask was upgraded early last year, when I saw MetaMask for the first time, I confirmed a fact of the blockchain: "Blockchain is still in its early stages"... I remember the moment when I opened MetaMask.

How Bitcoin outperformed the S&P 500 and Nasdaq in the first half of 2020?

The cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin closed strong despite the major setbacks caused by the market crash on Black Thursday in March.BTC, the leading crypto asset by market capitalization.

Golden Observation | After the total market value of DeFi skyrockets, is it bullish or bearish?

Recently, the cryptocurrency circle is very hot, all because of Defi. Half a month ago, the total market value of Defi was still 2 billion US dollars, but in just a few weeks.

The "counterattack" of platform currency cannot rely solely on innovation.

The exchange platform currency can be traced back to TMC, the era currency launched in 2013 by the bit era. Birth and development laid the initial foundation.With the soaring popularity of the encryption market.

Golden recommended reading|Why Bitcoin is expected to become the global reserve currency?

This article was published on the Golden Finance website on June 17 by Maxwell.

The stock market is getting hotter.Is it a good time to abandon "coins" and "stocks"?

Recently, the trend of Bitcoin has been calm, even slightly weak, and the effect of making money has gradually disappeared. The currency circle has always been not afraid of being sought after.

8 o'clock in the evening of gold丨Duojun Waterloo BTC will start to fall again?

The first market live broadcast column 8 p.m. Kim Hot news, spot contracts, one-to-one real-time answersGrasp the market outlook anytime, anywhere.

After the ecology gradually prospers: how do we value the public chain?

Many people hope to give cryptocurrencies a "valuation system" as a theoretical basis for large-scale institutional investment in cryptocurrencies.