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Golden Outpost丨Dealed? The European Central Bank launches a virtual currency plan in mid-2021

According to a research report released by the European Central Bank (ECB) on October 2.

Golden Trend 丨 Can BTC usher in a trend reversal this time?

Since the previous price went down to the upper trend line that has been relying on since the halving.

Shenzhen issued DCEP: What financial revolution will digital currency give birth to?

Last night, an airdrop message about digital currency broke out—a total of 10 million yuan, with a total of 50,000 places open to share.This airdropped digital currency is DCEP.

Bitcoin long-term trajectory up? Grayscale increased its holdings by 17,100 BTC within a week

According to the team, Grayscale Investments has amassed another 17,100 BTC in the past 7 days, worth roughly $182 million.According to previous news, as of September 25.

DeFi tokens are oversold but gains and TVL suggest a rebound for DeFi tokens

The crypto market has experienced considerable volatility over the past month, as the six-month altcoin bull run came to an abrupt end, with Bitcoin (BTC) recently seeing rejection at $12,000.At the same time.

Exclusive Video: How Is DeFi Different? How to avoid the coin loss crisis? Can the assets of the project failure be recovered?

This issue is jointly launched by Golden Finance and Bitouq. Updates every Wednesday and Friday. Updates from time to time on weekends.

Digital Reading DeFi September: The market "fever" and the capital market "emerges"

A long time ago, some people predicted that Uniswap’s currency issuance might mark the end of the current bull market. Regardless of whether it is so, the DeFi market in September did usher in a turning point.

Time to make MILK a "cream" SpaceSwap 2.0 Token MILK2

In order to eliminate the shortcomings and flaws of the initial v1 protocol, SpaceSwap launched an upgraded and improved version 2.0. Enjoy new capital pools.

Golden Sentinel|KUSAMA will conduct parachain slot auctions before Polkadot

Jinse Finance reported that on September 23, in Polkadot’s official Riot group, Gavin replied to community members’ questions about the auction time of parachain slots. According to the PolkaWorld translation.

Impermanence loss: the biggest risk of liquidity mining

The giants never miss the buzz.Leeks too. Under the wave of DeFi, skyrocketing has become the norm (of course, so is plummeting).But the question is, with so many DeFi players.

A new bull market for Bitcoin? Data shows: Whales and institutions are hoarding Bitcoin

On Sept. 19, whale activity and Bakkt’s all-time high volume indicated a gain in momentum as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) topped $11.

Detailed Explanation by U.S.Securities Lawyers: Is Uni Token a Securities?

Uniswap is currently the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) by trading volume.

How does the DeFi boom take into account investment safety? AAX selects the DeFi zone to escort investors

Since the popularity of Compound, the DeFi craze has continued to impact the changes in the entire market. According to DeBank statistics, as of September 2.

On the third anniversary of September 4, will DeFi face strong regulation like ICO?

Foreword On September 4, 2017, the once-popular ICO was stopped; in 2020, DeFi became popular.

Golden Instructions | Understand what is HiSwap in one article (with HISWAP mining tutorial)

Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market. Gold only provides information and does not make any suggestions. Readers.

After the Defi heat wave, will cross-chain become a new hot spot?

The autumn wind came overnight, and the hearts of the people were cold. I don't know if it was the dealer's response to 94. When I woke up.

Golden DeFi Daily | The total lock-up volume of DeFi exceeds 10 billion.How about other data?

Golden Finance Special丨Bitcoin Halving: In the past week, Golden Finance held 4 sessions of Golden Relativity around the "Bitcoin Halving". From halving nights to market forecasts.

Golden Observation丨Is it risky to obtain passive income through DeFi?

Jinjin Finance Blockchain, August 22 News   Nowadays, people can earn passive income just by storing their encrypted assets on DeFi platforms and DeFi services.

Why Bitcoin fell overnight? Over 50,000 bitcoin futures are about to expire

The price of bitcoin has been falling since its yearly peak of $12.

Video | Douban 10.1 A masterpiece that affects the new generation of people in the currency circle

Written in front: Your film review blogger is online Hello everyone, we are Aunt Zhang and Aunt Yang Two blockchain practitioners What to watch in this issue: Just after the movie theater resumed work.

Golden Outpost|YAM experiment failed DeFi tokens plummeted

YAM, which has attracted the attention of the DeFi community, finally announced its failure.On August 13th, Yam Finance discovered that there was a loophole in the elastic supply adjustment contract.

DeFi in Ethereum 2.0: DeFi sharding will be the first city on it

Editor's Note: As mentioned in the AMA activity of the Eth2 researcher on the Reddit forum, in the current idea.

Golden Morning Post | Russia will allow digital financial asset transactions from 2021.

Headline ▌Putin signed a bill to allow digital financial asset transactions in Russia from 2021According to RIA Novosti.

How Can Blockchain Cryptography Fight Quantum Computing Attacks?

Currently, blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) have grown considerably and are widely used in a variety of scenarios due to their ability to provide transparency, redundancy.

Boston Fed: The United States should prepare for future digital currency issuance

Although the Federal Reserve has no immediate plan to launch a digital currency, Robert Bench, assistant vice president of the Safe Payments Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Gu Yanxi: Future digital asset transactions should be free

Future digital asset transactions should be free. Based on the development of the Internet era, the current development of the securities industry.

How to calculate the theoretical output of mining BTC? How does the mining pool settle the income?

Bitcoin has performed amazingly since July, breaking through $11,000 for the first time at the end of the month, reaching a new high in nearly 11 months! When Bitcoin rises.

Golden Observation | From these data, Ethereum can still easily beat EOS and TRon

In April of this year, Bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer tweeted that things like Tron/EOS/ETC could easily swallow up the entire market share of useless Ethereum "DApps". This is obvious. The only reason people choose.

Wang Yongli: What is the most likely breakthrough point of the central bank's digital currency?

Wang Yongli: The author is former vice president of Bank of China.

What is the experience of the central bank's digital currency DC/EP instead of RMB payment?

What is the experience of using digital currency instead of RMB for payment?In recent years, the development process of my country's digital currency has been accelerating. Since 2014.

An aggressive innovator | Only by being in the trend can we lead the trend better——ZG.COM

In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the general improvement of social users' awareness, the blockchain industry has been positive.

Wang Zhongmin, former vice chairman of the Social Security Fund Council: Digital currency DC/EP will present a new format

On June 20, the "2020 Financial Technology Development Forum" was successfully held in Beijing through live broadcast. This forum connected well-known scholars from the fields of economy, technology.

Golden Observation | Tax collection has reached a consensus.South Korea’s new cryptocurrency tax system is on the way

On June 17, South Korean Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki stated that South Korea will announce its decision on taxation of cryptocurrencies in July. Hong Nam-ki said that in order to adapt to the changing situation.