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Dai and DeFi in the eyes of Maker founders

Dai is the first borderless and unbiased decentralized stablecoin. It has not only become the cornerstone of decentralized finance.

Deconstructing JD Digital Blockchain: Incubated in the supply chain traceability scene, backed by JD retail and logistics

On the evening of September 11, JD Digits officially disclosed the listing prospectus.

What is an oracle?

What are Oracles? The Chinese meaning of Oracle is prophet.

The central bank adjusted the reserve, USDT price stabilized?

Madman Says The most important news over the weekend is that the central bank has adjusted its reserves. Although it has little impact on the currency circle as a whole.

From the data to see how DeFi boosts the development of Ethereum

In the past few months, dozens of projects have been released, and a large amount of funds have poured in, and the DeFi field has reached new heights. The vast majority of DeFi applications are built on Ethereum.

NFT, DeFi, Filecoin who detonated the bull market?

There is no shortage of hot spots in the currency circle, from DeFi to NFT, it is dizzying.Speaking of the popularity of NFT this time, it was officially detonated by Pineapple MEME.

Golden Outpost | Countdown to mainnet launch Filecoin will launch a one-week launch event from October 19th

According to the official Filecoin news, the Filecoin mainnet will be officially opened at epoch 148888. It is expected to reach this epoch around October 15th.

Coinbase supports instant withdrawals for European and American users and will submit transaction data to the British tax authorities

Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced on Friday that it is adding support for instant withdrawals for users in the United States and Europe.

Golden Observation | Supervision is gradually improving, and many countries have issued regulations on cryptocurrency regulation

Despite the constant controversy, the regulation of cryptocurrencies is moving towards a more subdivided and perfect model.US Attorney General William P. Barr announced on Thursday that he has released “Cryptocurrenci.

Golden DeFi Daily | SUSHI fell below $1 Sushiswap’s total lock-up volume dropped 77% from the peak value

DeFi data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 13.04 billion US dollars The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, Jinse Finance Chart.

The story of Moonswap is reversed: the lock-up volume is nearly 500 million US dollars, and the price flies from 2.6 US dollars to 10 US dollars.

The hottest DeFi mining project in the past two days belongs to moon. What's so special about its mining? There is nothing special about mining. It is still the familiar Sushi mining model.

Golden Outpost | Uniswap token application starts, Ethereum Gas fee hits new high

The number of unconfirmed transactions per minute jumped 30% on Ethereum after Uniswap’s UNI token claims began.On September 17, at around 00:30 UTC.

Will decentralized derivatives trading be the next explosive point?

If decentralized transactions also usher in the growth of derivatives transactions after spot transactions, then we should be able to look forward to the outbreak of centralized derivatives.In the past two days.

Chaitin Technology debuted at the Entrepreneurs Conference, focusing on blockchain security construction thinking

On September 20th, hosted by Golden Finance and guided by Xiamen Blockchain Association and Xiamen University Blockchain Research Center, the "Together.

9.10 Evening Quotes: Operational Strategies after BTC breaks through 10,000 points

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

Golden Observation丨A breakdown of DeFi risks and techniques, be careful not to burn yourself

Golden Finance Blockchain, September 2 News Recently, there has been a burst of "food" seals in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. Pasta (PASTA), shrimp (SHRIMP), tacos (TACO).

Golden Outpost|YAMv2 governance is over, we can look forward to YAMv3

Jinse Finance reported that according to the official news from YAM Finance, the interim governance period of YAMv2 has ended, and all successful proposals before that will be implemented in YAMv3.

Golden Observation丨In the world of central bank digital currency, Bitcoin and Libra may have a place

Golden Finance Blockchain, August 21st, the central bank of India - the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Raghuram Rajan (Raghuram Rajan) recently said in an interview with CNBC that in the future.

Foreign media: South Korea's four top banks are considering offering cryptocurrency custody services in the next few months

Summary: 1. Four of the top five banks in South Korea will launch cryptocurrency custody services.2. The move is ahead of the government’s legislation targeting digital currencies.3.

Golden Sentinel | The unit price exceeds Bitcoin YFI has soared 320 times since mid-July

Jinjin Finance, August 20th The market shows that the price of YFI has risen again and exceeded 13,000 US dollars, and the price of a single token once again surpassed BTC. In fact,’s governance token.

Tron, Bytom, and Wikipedia: Who is more valuable among Chinese DeFi ecological imitators?

According to the "Risk Reminder on Preventing Illegal Fundraising in the Name of "Virtual Currency" and "Blockchain"" issued by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other five departments.

DeFi is only a bull market for a few people, will there be a "full bull market"?

DeFi has become popular, and it has also brought about a partial bull market. Judging from the position address data of the blockchain browser, many popular new DeFi projects have only a few thousand users.

A false upward breakout is formed as scheduled, and the probability of a short-term continuation of the decline is high

The nature of each level: daily line - up, 4 hours - consolidation (more pattern), 1 hour - downThe screenshot is from the 1-hour chart of OKEX BTC/USDT perpetual contract: For the market, there are two angles.

Grayscale: The current market structure is similar to that before the BTC bull market in early 2016.

A new report from cryptocurrency fund manager Grayscale Investments argues that the current bitcoin market structure is “similar to the structure before the historic bull run that began in early 2016.

An article to understand the overall structure of Polkadot XCMP cross-chain messaging

Today, Polkadot officially released the overall architecture of XCMP cross-chain messaging. This article is the cross-chain message passing XCMP chapter of the advanced part of Polkadot Wiki. XCMP is one of the cores.

Ethereum options data shows that professional traders expect ETH prices to break through $400

Options are divided into two basic instruments: call options, which are mainly used for bullish strategies, and put options, which are mainly used for bearish trading.This is a simplistic view.

The price has fallen, and the coins have also inexplicably decreased? Why is the amount of AMPL in the wallet changing every day?

Last week, Kuang Kuang shared on Weibo what it was like to “lose again and again, and add more losses on top of losses”. He told how after exchanging ETH for the very popular DeFi token AMPL.

Institutions enter the market, has the encryption bank ushered in the best era?

Abstract In the context of OCC's latest open letter clarifying that national banks and the FSA can manage cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum Miner Earnings Hit Record High Will ETH Price Rise Further?

The price of ETH has risen more than 180% since its March 2020 low, but data from the blockchain shows that the world's second most popular digital asset may have further to go.

First post | How does a blockchain browser prevent DoS attacks?

When it comes to browsers, what pops up in everyone's minds must be "Baidu, you will know".

A brief introduction to the popular business model of NFT: DeFi governance tokens and revenue sharing, etc.

The most common way to make money commercially in the non-fungible token NFT ecosystem is to sell NFT.

Launch the public chain and start Staking ——Explore the core competitiveness of the exchange from the multi-dimensional ecological layout

Beginning in the first half of 2019, the platform currency has become a "star" in the currency as a big hit.

Japanese media: G20 intends to "give green light" for digital currency transactions and will discuss regulatory measures

Kyodo News reported on the 11th that a number of relevant G20 sources revealed that the Group of Twenty (G20) has started coordination in the direction of de facto allowing the settlement tool "digital currency" inste.

JPMorgan Chase: The application of blockchain in the financial industry of the United States and the European Union

ETH breaks through 4100 USDT, approaching JPMorgan Chase and Samsung in market value: On May 10, the price of ETH continued to rise, and has now exceeded 4100 USDT. According to Coingecko data.

There are tens of thousands of smart contract security entries, and the first access permission setting

Introduction: "Although the Pao people don't cure the Pao, the corpses and wishes will not go beyond the Zunzu and replace them."  -- "Zhuangzi·Xiaoyaoyou" In ancient times.