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Dai is now 60% backed by centralized assets What does this mean?

Crypto Twitter has been buzzing about Maker’s collateral status for the past few days.Some users pointed out that 40% of all Maker collateral is now IOUs – meaning that instead of digital commodities like ether (ETH).

Bitfinex Launches New Tether and European Equity Derivatives

Bitfinex has announced the launch of two new cryptocurrency derivatives contracts involving the largest European stock companies and the largest German stocks.

What is the NFT concept?

It is less than 80 days to 2021, and DeFi projects are slowly declining, but NTF has continued the popularity of DeFi. In fact, NTF is not a new concept. If you are an early bird in the currency circle.

Time Server Attacks and Mitigations in Eth2

Abstract: Time server attacks in Eth2 have also been discussed before. But so far, the mainstream opinion is that this kind of attack can only take the validator temporarily offline.

What to do with the exchanged DCEP? Don't worry this can be returned

On August 29, the CCB digital currency personal wallet was launched on the APP. Enter "number" in the search-ethexc box and two sub-menus "digital wallet recharge" and "digital currency" will appear. Users can bind their ban.

Golden Charts | Overview of the latest DeFi data in one picture: YFI unit price breaks through $30,000

Jinse Finance and DappBirds exclusively release the latest weekly data list of "DeFi Data"According to DappBirds DeFi special data.

8.22 morning market: The market continues to adjust downwards and pay attention to the weekend closing situation.

The market resumed downward adjustment yesterday, and the market continued to fall after the market opened today, temporarily falling below $11.

Grayscale is the biggest bull.Why did funds choose to speculate on altcoins this week?

Recently, Grayscale released a report, which said that the current Bitcoin market structure is similar to that before the historic bull market began in early 2016.The specific arguments are mainly supported by the loo.

Golden Observation丨Review the Yam event What are the pitfalls of DeFi income farming?

Jinse Finance Blockchain, August 25 News August is destined to be an extraordinary month for the DeFi industry. A new revenue farming protocol, Yam.Finance, was born.

Gu Yanxi: The battle for the operating system in the future digital financial world has now begun

Anyone who has experienced the development of the Internet and mobile Internet knows the importance of the operating system. In the PC era.

Golden Encyclopedia | What is lightning arbitrage?

Arbitrage, as we all know, is that investors or borrowers use the difference in interest rates and currency exchange rates between two places at the same time to make profits by circulating capital. It usually refers.

Russia will introduce a new federal-level blockchain voting system

Following the testing of a blockchain-based electronic voting system used in Russia's constitutional referendum (used in Moscow and the Nizhegorodskaya region).

Does investing in virtual currency on behalf of customers constitute a crime of fraud?

Case Details In July 2013, Mao was persuaded by "faith", "Henry", "Xiaohong" and "Weili" on the Internet to start buying virtual currency and doing online investment business. Mao invested 10,000 yuan.

A quick overview of DeFi code audit and bug bounty program

There is a current trend that DeFi teams release unaudited protocols.However.

Golden DeFi Daily | The total market value of DeFi reached 14.419 billion US dollars, and the DEX 24h trading volume was 424 million US dollars

The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, data source CoinGeckoGolden Relativity|Starting soon, on the opportunities and challenges of Filecoin mining: At 19:00 on May 20th.

Under the high heat, hidden worries still exist? Leveraged funds pour cold water on the market again

On August 22, CFTC released the latest CME Bitcoin futures weekly report (August 12-August 18). In the first half of the latest statistical cycle, BTC rebounded rapidly, but at the end of the statistical cycle.

8.11 evening market: BTC seeks to change the market, where is the follow-up opportunity

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

AntChain took the lead in formulating the P3205 cross-chain international standard, which has been verified for applicability

A few days ago, the formulation of an international standard for blockchain cross-chain led by Ant Group was officially launched, which is another progress of Ant Group in the field of cross-chain. Previously.

Golden Trend丨Bitcoin Mad Bull Is This the Start?

After breaking through the neckline of 10,300 US dollars yesterday, the price soared into the sky, and directly rose by 1,000 US dollars. Rising high and falling back is not yet an effective breakthrough.

Four key points you need to understand to participate in Filecoin mining

Filecoin Mining RewardsIn terms of block rewards, among Filecoin’s total 2 billion FIL tokens, 70% can be obtained through mining. The rest is the share of the development team (15%), investors (10%).

5 must-reads in the evening|Who is shorting LINK? Which oracle is better

LINK's short-selling secret battle: write a 60-page report, bet 20 million, the players behind the scenes are suspected to be partners "Chainlink is a scam. The intrinsic value of LINK is only $0.07.

2020 Global Blockchain Patent Ranking TOP100 52 Chinese companies are on the list

According to data from Zero One Think Tank, as of the end of 2019, 5,926 companies in 47 countries and regions have applied for 38,064 blockchain patents; among them, 3,218 companies are from China.

Hobbit Ju Jianhua: Platform token 2.0 breaks the stock market exchange pattern

DeFi, Ethereum 2.0, Filecoin, this summer, the cryptocurrency market has never lacked hot spots. Unlike DeFi, which is "riding the wind and waves".

In the face of hacker attacks, exchanges can rent computing power to "counterattack"

Speaking at the Unitize conference, Coin Metrics researcher Lucas Nuzzi suggested that one way for exchanges to fight back against hackers is to rent mining computing power from online platforms.Nuzzi speculates that.

Interpretation of Jubi HRP premium repurchase丨The core of repurchase and destruction is value empowerment

Today, Jubi officially announced that it will open the off-site repurchase application of the HRP repurchase model on the Jubi official website on July 14.

Attacked again How did the VETH smart contract steal $900,000?

Foreword On July 1, 2020, the VETH contract was hacked. After receiving the intelligence.

Golden Observation丨Ebang vs.Canaan Why do all Chinese encryption companies go public in the United States?

Jinse Finance Blockchain, June 27 News     At 9:30 p.m. on June 26, 2020, Beijing time, EBON International (EBON) officially landed on the US stock Nasdaq.

Why is Defi so popular? What are the risk points?

1. Market Interpretation Defi is very popular this year, but the fire returns to the fire, and the speculation returns to the speculation. I want to ask, why is it so popular.

Golden Deep Core | The 38th Line of Chain and Coin

Since the development of cryptocurrency, can you feel the dividing line between chain and currency?In fact, after the blockchain has become the trend.

At 8 o'clock tonight丨Pin the needle to draw the door Is it the purpose of the BTC banker?

The first market live broadcast column 8 p.m. Kim 2020. 6.9 8:00 Big launch Every night at 8 o'clock, 5 celebrities Hot news, spot contracts, one-to-one real-time answersGrasp the market outlook anytime, anywhere.

Golden Trend丨The BTC memory pool is full and pushes the price to soar?

The Bitcoin memory pool contains transactions that have not yet been included in the blockchain, also known as the transaction pool. When a user initiates a transaction using Bitcoin.

Golden Sentinel 丨 Falls to $8,600 Who's Selling Bitcoin?

Golden Finance Blockchain News, May 26  According to data, miners and retail investors have recently led the surge in bitcoin exchange inflows, or one of the reasons for the decline in bitcoin prices to the $8.

Quantitative Investment: A Book of Rational Decision-Making

As the field of quantitative finance matures, quantitative trading methods are also widely used in the financial investment process and are well known by investors. However, at present.

The Bitcoin network transfer fee is as high as 12.5 million in a single day.Why has the miner fee become more expensive?

Since the market picked up, Bitcoin network transfers have consumed a maximum of 12.5 million yuan in mining fees in a single day. 2019.4.27-2019.5.27 miner fee data statistics (price conversion is calculated on May 2.