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Exclusive Video | Full Interpretation of Polkadot’s Ecological Principles and Business Opportunities

This issue is jointly launched by Golden Finance and Bitouq. Updates every Wednesday and Friday. Updates from time to time on weekends.Exclusive|The transaction volume on the Bitcoin 24h chain was 329,500 BTC.

Golden DeFi Daily | MoonSwap has reached a cooperation with the NFT project ConFi CITY

DeFi data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 14.435 billion US dollars The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, Jinse Finance Chart.

Equalizer's DEX Exploration: Smart Distribution of Governance Tokens

After Uniswap was forked from SushiSwap, the number of various swaps was too high. Many swaps simply copied SushiSwap’s liquidity mining token distribution mechanism, which caused these swaps to open high and go low.

Golden Theory of Relativity | Deng Enyan: Blockchain is a spear, supervision is a shield, and contradictions must be developed together.Shield must come first

In recent years, as the blockchain technology has become more mature, the risks brought by the blockchain have been paid more and more attention. At present.

Golden Sentinel | PricewaterhouseCoopers: By 2030, the blockchain will bring $1.7 trillion to the global economy.

Economists at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) predict that 2025 will be an inflection point if blockchain technology is adopted on a large scale globally.

Report: Uniswap and other automated market makers impermanent losses are permanent

Alexis Direr, a researcher at the University of Orleans in France.

OKLink: iPhone 12 is coming, can the 5G network keep up?

After experiencing the first "stranded" press conference in September this year, on October 7, Apple's official public account released a "newsletter".

Golden DeFi Daily | Curve voted to increase CRV/ETH liquidity

DeFi data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 14.528 billion US dollars The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, Jinse Finance Chart.

What are the application scenarios of NFT?

On September 23, foreign media reported that Christie’s, a well-known art auction house.

Golden Outpost | Two projects announced the fork of Filecoin within a day.Will Filecoin see a fork wave?

Miners may really want to fork Filecoin.When Jinse Finance reporters interviewed the miners of the Filecoin testnet.

Golden Good Article Collection | How does Polkadot, the king of cross-chains, build a public chain empire?

Polkadot, as the king in the cross-chain field, can also occupy the attention of users in the currency circle from time to time through its own continuous development under such a hot DeFi market this year.Polkadot is.

The medium-term bullish pattern has just been broken.Don’t have high expectations for short-term rebound

The nature of each level: daily line - consolidation, 4 hours - down, 1 hour - downThe screenshot is from the OKEX BTC/USDT perpetual 4-hour chart: For the market, there are two angles.

Have you understood the economic structure of Filecoin? Come see the Q&A summary

Summary of Filecoin economic Q&A: FilDA announced that it will launch its lending market on the Ethereum expansion network Arbitrum: According to official news.

Dialogue with Shi Xiang, co-founder of Alchemy Pay, to discuss decentralized encrypted payment

On August 17, the 2020 Blockchain Ecological Cooperation Conference hosted by Alchemy Pay was held in Shanghai.This blockchain ecological cooperation conference brought together more than 30 domestic and foreign indus.

AMM will become the third largest blockchain invention after Bitcoin and Ethereum

This title-ethexc will definitely cause a lot of controversy. In recent years, various new concepts have emerged one after another. However.

The short-term adjustment has a high probability of continuing, wait for "break and then build"

The nature of each level: daily line - up, 4 hours - consolidation (more pattern), 1 hour - downThe screenshot is from the 2-hour chart of OKEX BTC/USDT perpetual contract: For the market, there are two angles.

Golden Outpost|Ant Group’s A-share IPO plans to raise 48 billion yuan

Jinse Finance reported that on August 25, Ant Group has submitted listing prospectus documents to the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange simultaneously.According to the prospectus.

DeFi is about to hit the "ceiling" public chain opportunity?

Since the end of the first quarter of this year, DeFi has grown extremely fast both in terms of users and market size. However, with the congestion of the Ethereum public chain, when DeFi is in a mess.

How to claim DOT from Polkadot treasury?

The Ministry of Finance (treasury, also known as the treasury) is through transaction fees, slash penalties, and inefficient Staking (that is.

Uniswap heat wave escalation: the battle between DEX and CEX

During the year of 2019, Uniswap has developed rapidly. By the end of 2019, the total value of Uniswap’s locked-in amount was 29.1 million US dollars. Even if the base is small.

Wang Binsheng, Distinguished Instructor of Finance, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: Bitcoin, Ethereum and IPFS are epoch-making projects

On August 2, hosted by Golden Finance and cooperating with Alibaba Cloud, Zhongke Yunchuang, 99Ex, Asproex, Rebi, ChainUP, and Golden Computing Cloud.

Ethereum Classic Bounty Proposal Looking for PoW Network Security Solutions

Last week, Charles Hoskinson offered to work with Ethereum Classic in response to the recent 51% attack. theOn behalf of ETC Labs, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Charles for his proposal.

See how this American company "turns waste into treasure"

Known for its wine and glacier-formed waterways, New York's Finger Lakes region is a beautiful place, and now.

William: In fact, we have been in the bull market where the currency circle rotates.

1/ This time I ran a few days of activities in Shenzhen, the biggest feeling is: there are so many newcomers. A lot of new faces that I don't know, a very lively place, and a bull market scene.

In the past 24 hours, the encryption market has been mixed, and Bitcoin has fallen after breaking through 10,000

The cryptocurrency market has been mixed over the past 24 hours. However, Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the largest market value, has been eye-catching and broke through $10,000 again a few months later.

Data Analyst: 3 Key Indicators Show the Beginning of a New Bitcoin Bull Trend

According to Ki Young-Ju, CEO of market research firm CryptoQuant.

Project Weekly | US federal court defines Bitcoin as "currency"

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project dynamics.

IPFS Interstellar Hitchhiker Guide (Zhengzhou) is coming and invites you to compete in the Central Plains

From unknown to gradually known; from unpopular technology to popular attention, IPFS has gone through six years since its birth in 2014. Just like the genius experience of its creator Juan Bennett.

IPFS Technology and Application Research Forum (Zhengzhou) is about to kick off, and you are invited to compete in the Central Plains

From unknown to gradually known; from unpopular technology to popular attention, IPFS has gone through six years since its birth in 2014. Just like the genius experience of its creator Juan Bennett.

Can calculate without seeing the data? An article to understand secure multi-party computation

Today, data can be used to analyze complex problems, provide solutions, and even address unanswerable questions. But when it comes to using data to serve the public.

How to understand governance tokens in DeFi projects?

On June 16, "DeFi Bank" Compound  launched the governance token COMP  distribution mechanism, and all users who use Compound to deposit and borrow can be allocated COMP according to the rules.Coincidentally.

Singapore: A blockchain payment network for international settlement has been developed to support multiple currencies

July 13, according to Reuters, Singapore authorities said on Monday that Singapore has developed a blockchain-based payment network that can achieve faster and cheaper international settlements.

Why does the famous financial writer with sales of more than 32 million admire Bitcoin more?

The global financial market is undergoing the biggest change in nearly a century. In this reshuffle.

Trade on the chain gets rid of stigma China and overseas markets have used blockchain to open up multiple trading channels

When a country raises a big stick and tries to decouple its allies from China. The power from business organizations is using blockchain to strengthen business transactions.During the 6.

8 o'clock in the evening of gold丨BTC 10,000 dollars is the starting point of the bull market or the end of the rebound?

The first market live broadcast column 8 p.m. Kim Hot news, spot contracts, one-to-one real-time answersGrasp the market outlook anytime, anywhere.