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Individuals can also issue social tokens? How will NFT and DeFi empower it?

Social tokens have shown signs of rapid development in recent months. The overall market value of social tokens has exceeded 200 million US dollars.

Golden Hardcore丨Detailed explanation of WBTC, tBTC and RenBTC, which one will be widely used?

Jine Finance recently launched the Hardcore column to provide readers with introductions or in-depth interpretations of popular projects. This issue of Hardcore compares the three tokenized BTCs of WBTC.

The Spanish government intends to formulate a bill requiring encryption investors to disclose their property and income

The Spanish government is working on a bill that will require cryptocurrency investors in the country to disclose their holdings and profits.

What is the significance of the Shenzhen digital RMB red envelope? How to get it? how to use?

On the evening of October 8, the Shenzhen Weibo release hall released that in order to promote the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and combine local consumption promotion policies.

What status are stablecoins dealing with now? How will the future develop?

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, so this factor reduces mainstream user participation and limits their use as a usable exchange platform for goods and services. Stablecoins are low-volatility versions of cry.

Yearn's Midlife Crisis

The recent repurchase of the yearn team has injected a boost into the market, and V2 has given the market hope again, but the yearn in October is no longer the yearn in August. At that time.

Polkadot will welcome major progress: XCMP will be delivered in a few months, and the parachain auction will start at the end of the year

On October 10, Polkadot China Tour Beijing Station was held as scheduled. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gavin Wood was unable to arrive in person.

Does cross-border trade blockchain data on-chain belong to data export?

 The blockchain, especially the public chain network.

9.16 morning market: the market continues to rebound, wait for the boots to land

The market continued to rise yesterday, reaching a maximum of above $10,900, and then began to pull back. It is still hovering around $10,800 and has not yet stabilized at $10.

At the opening scene of the Bund Conference, there are many highlights of blockchain and other financial technologies that should not be missed

On the morning of September 24, the "Bund Conference", a global high-level financial technology conference sponsored by Alipay and Ant Group under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Government.

Golden Observation丨Gas fees continue to rise, and the Ethereum project UniLogin is forced to shut down

The popularity of DeFi and liquid mining has also triggered a surge in Ethereum gas fees.

Possibility to use sharding as a data availability layer

Whenever the situation suddenly deviates from expectations, people start thinking about how to change the existing system.With the rise of DeFi on Ethereum.

Why will Filecoin be very important in the era of digital economy?

Everything from the websites used to the financial infrastructure that supports the economy depends on efficient data storage. But today, data storage is becoming increasingly expensive, opaque, fragile.

Golden Observation|Public chains have hard-to-read scriptures

A few days ago, Ethereum's new test network Medalla failed the verification process due to the low participation rate. Although this is just a small accident.

Liquidity mining with soaring users and assets in DeFi, angel or devil?

If you want to talk about the hottest topic in the circle in the past two months, it must be DeFi. If you want to find another hottest topic in the DeFi circle.

It is said that the blockchain is far away from us, let's see how the NBA embraces Bitcoin.

What happens when you combine $61 million top venture capitalists with NBA stars? We'll find out.CryptoKitties creator DapperLabs has launched Top Shot.

Golden Outpost | Wu Jihan: Hong Kong Bit holds all chip intellectual property rights

On July 23, the public account Ant issued a pre-sale announcement with Wu Jihan's seal (a letter to customers and suppliers and partners). According to the announcement.

Xiao Sa, director of the Bank of China Law Research Association: Building a protective wall for virtual property can truly make the owner "safe in pocket"

Recently, the Supreme People's Court and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Opinions on Providing Judicial Services and Guarantees for Accelerating the Improvement of the Socialist Mark.

The U.S.banking industry opens the door to Bitcoin, and the money in traditional finance will eventually flow to the currency circle

"Can you imagine that one day, the beautiful teller of the bank will sell you a derivative wealth management product wrapped in cryptocurrency like an ordinary wealth management product?"This was my first reaction whe.

Video | Finally waiting for the bull market to come?

Written in the front: The bull market is here, not knowing how to trade coins is really a delay in making money! Hello everyone.

Trial experience of Ethereum mining machine INNOSILICON A10 Pro

The A10 Pro mining machine is a mining machine produced by INNOSILICON that adopts the Ethash algorithm and is used for ETH mining. The officially announced computing power is 500MH/s (±5%).

DeFi Weekly List: Compound’s popularity remains undiminished, Synthetix catches up from behind

DappBirds and Jinse Finance jointly released the latest "DeFi Data" weekly data list:The overall market value of DeFi Token exceeded 8 billion US dollars.

How to use quantitative models for cryptocurrency trading?

In real life, investment scenarios, whether it is personal investment decisions or business decisions, are much more complicated than what we learn in class. Due to the sheer scale of these decisions.

Focusing on the application of blockchain, Chongqing "heavy money" promotes the progress of the blockchain industry

On July 8, the 2020 Online Intelligence Expo Blockchain Application Innovation Competition was launched in Chongqing.The competition is sponsored by the 2020 China Smart Expo Organizing Committee.

The inflation rate of ETH 2.0 is expected to drop to 1.58%

As a major upgrade of the Ethereum network, ETH 2.0 not only converts the consensus protocol from the previous PoW to PoS, but also has a major change, that is.

Golden Trend丨Learning from History, BTC Has Quietly Entered a Bull Market?

Golden Evening News|A list of important news on the evening of July 10: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Zhejiang New Infrastructure, Ant Group, HT destruction, Compound.

Industry Weekly | Many provinces and cities use blockchain and other technologies to cultivate and grow new formats

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project dynamics.

Golden Observation丨Discussing the risk of DeFi centralization from the USDC "blacklisting"

Golden Finance Blockchain, July 11th  The outbreak of a new crown virus at the beginning of this year caused the cryptocurrency market to almost collapse.

Golden Recommended Reading | How can ETH holders participate in the Ethereum 2.0 ecosystem?

This article was first published on the Golden Finance website by Maxwell, a reporter from Jinse Finance, on May 9. This article will be helpful for readers to understand Ethereum staking.

Golden Observation丨Worried about centralization? Interpretation of Ethereum's delayed Berlin hard fork

Golden Finance Blockchain July 1 News    Ethereum developers once again postponed the hard fork upgrade, this time to "Berlin" (Berlin). So, why did Ethereum postpone the upgrade again? Next.

Riding the wind and waves, OKLink launched the "Origin Project" to create a blockchain 3.0

Under the epidemic situation, win-win cooperation, relying on the global blockchain industry layout of OKLink Group, OKLink now launches the "Origin Plan" - OKLink Ecological Strategic Partner Camp.

Golden Outpost | Putin urges lawmakers to speed up rollout of regulatory sandbox involving blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants his cabinet to speed up the rollout of a cryptocurrency and blockchain regulatory sandbox to prevent a recession.

Learn about the decentralized exchange pool Uniswap in one minute

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange protocol based on exchange pools rather than order books. The so-called exchange pool refers to a pool of funds.

Overview of the latest version of Polkadot

Since Gavin Wood first conceived of the Polkadot decentralized blockchain platform in 2016, researchers and developers have been working to improve.

The BTC head-and-shoulders trend is taking shape

Summary: The standard consensus market composite index was 1,056.51 points, down 4.67% in 24 hours, and the market began to enter a volatile downward trend. According to the standard consensus sentiment index.

Ethereum network usage hits record high, will ETH price follow suit?

According to a recent report from Delphi Digital, the total amount of gas (gas) used on the Ethereum blockchain has hit an all-time high.